The early signs of pregnancy

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You can tell whether you are pregnant by being on the lookout for a number of signs.

The early signs of pregnancy

So, do you have this sneaky feeling that you might be paged? Well, there are different tell-tale signs that you might rely on. Below are some of the early signs of pregnancy you can relate to.

Different women go through different body cycles. This implies that the signs of pregnancy are also variable. There are however some signs that are common. One of the most known sign of early pregnancy is missing of a period. A menstrual cycle should be experienced every single month.

The famous morning sickness- This is whereby a woman has that nauseating feeling. If you suddenly feel like throwing up often then this might be a sign that you are pregnant. Though referred to as morning sickness, it can also be experienced during the day or even at night.

Tender or supple breasts can also be an early sign of pregnancy. This is a way of your body preparing for the child in relation to breastfeeding. You can also notice a darker nipple which might at times be painful slightly.

If you start to feel tired and exhausted more often, it might be an indication that you are paged. This is often as a result of the surge in hormones in your body. Do not however confuse the normal exhaustion as a result of a hard work day to pregnancy.

You might also experience frequency urination. A pregnant lady will have the urge to pee more times than she did before. This also happens at night.

There are different ways of making that confirmation that you are pregnant. You could opt to go to a doctor who does the test for you. One can also choose to purchase the available pregnancy testing kits and do the test on their own. There are other numerous signs of early pregnancy.


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