The Ups and Downs of a Day to Day Relationship

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No matter how much in love you are with your partner there will still be ups and downs in your day to day life. How you deal with these issues can make or break your relationship.

The Ups

There are days that your relationship may seem like a dream come true. When every word that comes out of your partners mouth is the exact thing you've dreamed of hearing. You feel as if you are at the same place, at the same time and you are so in touch and so connected that nothing could ever come between you.

While this is a lovely feeling and you will experience it often in your relationship it is important that you realize that a relationship goes through other stages and periods of feeling as well. Your relationship can almost be looked at as being similar to drug use. There are the highs, the lows and the in-betweens. Savor and indulge in the up times because those feelings are what will help you get through the down times and reconnect in the in between times.

The In Betweens

The in between times aren't good or bad, they just are. These are the times when you are comfortable with each other, but aren't feeling that rush of giddy in "loveness" but you aren't upset with one another either. These are normal times in the course of a day to day relationship.

Work, family, friends and other distractions leave you with little time to devote to one another and to nurture your relationship. These times aren't an indication that you are bored with one another or that your love is fading, they are just a signal that you need to take some time together to reconnect, to get back on the same page.

It is important that you don't take the distractions personally and allow either partner to experience hurt feelings due to the adjustment to simply living your lives and dealing with life outside the bedroom or the romantic cocoon you have formed around yourselves.

The Downs

At times it may seem that you and your spouse can't agree on anything. You argue about stupid petty things and allow even the tone of voice to create a rift between you. You may feel that you need to get away, that your relationship is doomed. Heck, you may wonder if you even LIKE your partner anymore.

This too is normal. No one gets along all the time, love isn't roses and rainbows. There is no happily ever after, there is a lot of work involved in a life long successful relationship.

When Is It Over?

When times get bad you may wonder if you are wasting your time staying with your partner. No one can answer that question but you. However if you can honestly say that the up and in between times are more common than the down times. If you can still say that you love your partner even if there are times you don't like him or her, then more than likely it is worth working for.

If you evaluate your relationship and find that you are miserable most of the time and that there is no love left between you and your partner you may want to consider ending the relationship in order for both of you to move on and find happiness.

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author avatar Denise O
27th Sep 2010 (#)

I am so glad my husband's and I's ups, occur far more so than our downs.
Good article.
Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Synthaea
28th Sep 2010 (#)

A wonderful article, Suzalicie. Accurate and to the point, but lovely also. Thank you. :)

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