The Type of Man that you should Avoid

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To avoid the pain, when undergoing a relationship, do you feel wrong, here is a list of men that you should stay away from.

Type of Man

Yes, you will surely find someone it, and the relationship will work well, even for a year or more.

However, often then you start to realize, a lot of odd things, on your partner.

To avoid the pain, when undergoing a relationship, do you feel wrong, here is a list of men that you should stay away from.

1. "There is no money, honey"
All understand that you are not a materialistic woman. Yourself and be fine, if it had to go with a simple man, to date. Yes, women do not always want to date, with a rich man, but he still needs something, in order to make the relationship better. If you are a man, who has a good dignity, give contributions in a relationship, though only slightly. However, many men still cannot understand this.

2. Men who are still in the shadow of her former lover.
"You are very good, but he's so much better!" Are you still with the man, who always said that to you? If yes, tell him that you can do better than her ex. This is the kind of man, who cannot accept the fact that his relationship with his ex is over. He could have said it, every time he gets mad at you. Good or bad, the experience can indeed mean, for everything. However, the fact that he is still talking about her ex, will not make the relationship better. If you do not want to leave, for he realized that his words hurt you. And, if it still does not work, it's hard, you will put up with it.

3. "The world feels heavy for me"
If you have a partner, who continues to complain, and have problems in life, which is not finished, tell him, 'do not love, you are a selfish man, who had been wrong in making decisions, but did not want to admit it. I know, maybe you always say no, but deep down, you know, it's a yes! '. Such men, just men selfish, immature, do not want to grow, and always attract others, to participate blame the world, and bring you into the problem, so he can move the problem, in your life.

4. Men who always feel rich
Rich people are 'poor', he always showed off a lot of things. Whatever he had and that he had just spent, and believe that love can be bought '! If you are a man who is good at lying about it, you have to throw your chance to have a real relationship and successful, and in the end, you will come back to bite the fingers.

5. Children mama
Better tell your man, to live forever, in the lap of her mother. Yes, if he is of men, who did not want to move, without the consent of the mother. You had better go, from himself. Why? Because you do not know, whether you will be able to live side by side, or not, with the mother-in-law, who always defended his son.

6. Father as owner of capital
If you are dealing with men, aged over 25 years, however, still rely, to his parents, should think again it is. The first thing you have to say, on your man, is asked to look for a job. If he does not want to do that, he will rely on his father, or you. And, if you cannot pay the bills, you would say that is not a good boyfriend. Yes, this is what you will hear constantly from him.


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