The Trinity Controversy: There is No God In Three Person

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The doctrine of the trinity has been taught and preached and many Christians has gotten indoctrinated to this doctrine of three distinct person as God. But, you are about to know that it s not true. There is no biblical basis that God is Father, son and Holy Spirit. We have God as father and Jesus as His SON.


I was motivated to write about the topic because of a poem written by a fellow wikinutter on the greatness of God as His personality be commonly eulogized by christian as trinity. That is the Father, son and the Holy Spirit.

This concept of God being the Father son and Holy Spirit has been in existence for a long time. It has been on and it has been a controversial issue among the first century and second century christian. Christian as you know and if you don't may I tell you that it started from the 120 disciples obeying the Lord Jesus command to them.

The Early Church Beginnings

After Christ resurrection and He confirming his being raised from the dead by appearing among his disciples for about 40 days,when hews about to ascend to heaven after gathering his disciples on Mountain of Olives, he told them not to depart from Jerusalem until they will be endued with power from God. He said this is the fathers promise to give them power after the Holy Spirit is come upon them. This empowerment from above will enable to do the assignment of being His witnesses.

They obeyed as they all gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem waiting for the promise of the God.Right on the day of Pentecost when the Jews were celebrating one of the holy days called Pentecost, which means 50 days commemoration of the harvest of the Jews, there in that upper room they received the Holy Spirit in a thunderous storm like noise and the saw cloven tongue like fire rested on each of them and they started to speak in different languages they hadn't know learned before. People going to the festival for temple worship when they heard this praises and worship of God In their languages stopped to listen to the unique experience. some even chided them they were drunk early that morning. But Peter stood among the other 120 disciples and started preaching about the reason for the speaking in tongues.

From that time the church era started. The disciples began to preach as Jesus commanded them.Jerusalem was the first port of call as they boldly declared to the Jews and Pharisees that Jesus was Christ. The promised messiah to herald the start of a new beginning and kingdom for the whole world,starting from Israel. By the power of the Holy Spirit, they embarked on this mission and right on the day they received the holy Spirit, 3000 people believed in Jesus and were converted. So, the churhc began to spread and grow. In no time, the apostles took the gospel to other cities and one of them was Antioch. It was when Barnabas and Saul were in this city that the converts there were called Christian. Which means LITTLE CHRIST.

The church continue to wax strong and stronger as the received constant backing from Jesus. Despite the numerous opposition for Judaizers and Roman government, they keep going forward. Then came in history the time of the roman emperor Constantine.History told us his mother got converted to the Christian faith but he never would. Until he saw an uprising against his government that he decided to wage war against the opposition.As he was preparing for battle, he saw in a dream a voice that said to him that he would have victory by the cross. That he recognise was an emblem of Jesus crucified on the cross to save mankind.He promised to change to christianity if he trully won the battle. He did win tha battle and he was converted to christian. He then declared religious freedom and halting of any kind of opposition to christains. He went to the extent of integrating the state and the church as one and he started the universal church known as Catholic.

It was during this religious freedom that the argument erupted as the identifying God as the father, son and holy spirit.The reason for this was that during the declaration of christainity as state religion,all idolaters were asked to forfeit their idols and worship the true God and Jesus the savior.There came some murmuring from the people and Constantine took the advice to integrate the idolatrous practices into christianity by calling them christian names. That is where we have the Easter and Christmas.

Idolatry Enters Into Christainity

May I let you know that the origin of idolatry started with a man called Nimrod in the bible. If you check out the books of Genesis 11. you come across him being called a might hunter before the Lord and that he had kingdom that began at Nineveh and Babylon. When Nimrod died, his mother called Semiramis, defied nimrod by telling the people that Nimrod rose again and has reincarnated into the son he left behind who was a little boy. Some do tell us that he married his mother and had a son by her before he died. Semiramis subjected the people to worshipping her and the son Nimrod left behind as their god as this was the order given by their king Nimrod.It was from this idolatrous worship that the concept of father as Nimrod, mother and child as Holy Spirit and Jesus.

The integration of this concept was not accepted by the true christian who believed that this should not come into christian worship of Jesus and God. They know and as have been taught that Jesus Christ while on earth only reverence the Father as God.And that Jesus declared that all He did was as His Father directed HIM.

Constantine haven gotten wind of this controversy called a council to look into the matter. The council of church leaders then deliberated on the issue and they agreed that there is nothing wrong with the concept of worship God as father, son and Holy Spirit as it does not diminish the awesomeness and the power of God.They assumed that since God was Jesus father and Jesus said He is God and he sent the Holy Spirit as another comforter in His Mold and character, then there is nothing bad about that.

Jesus Has Spoken

But the Bible says that when people think they are wise but to God, they become foolish.Jesus our savior never in the bible mentioned that the father,s on and holy spirit are one. What He declared was that He and the father are one.Even when he was praying for the disciples before His arrest, he prayed the father make them one even as He and the father are one.

Never did Jesus said anything about three being as God.Only Jesus and the Father are God.And God in this sense is a family name for the awesome spirit beings that created all things.

For more on who really is JESUS, click this Is Jesus Really God?. Do share this if you find this informative. thanks


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
4th Dec 2012 (#)

This is a loaded subject , but this is my rendering of it . I know that God is Spirit , and all who worship Him worship in Spirit and in truth . How do I know? Because the Holy Spirit dwells in me , and I am joint heir with Him - in Christ Jesus - in God . Three in One . I respect your views - but you will never change mine .
God bless you .

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author avatar kayus
4th Dec 2012 (#)

Thanks for your opinion on the issue. I really appreciate.

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author avatar DuitByJames
5th Dec 2012 (#)

For me I know not to trust the words of men or spirits in these maters. God was Jesus earthly father. My earthly father is my earthly father. Jesus savior, spirit guide, I study, learn divide. It's personal, me and God.

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