The Symbol of the Cross

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Though there were other symbols used in early Christianity, the symbol of the cross is most prevalent. Why might this be so?

The Symbol of the Fish Explained

In early Christianity, the symbol of the fish was recognized by believers as representing the Christian faith. It signified the first letters, in Greek , of the phrase, "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior." It is one we still use today, and in America, one often sees a fish symbol attached to the back of an automobile. It may or may not have the Greek letters with it. But we know that Jesus was not a fisherman. Someone might ask, "What other symbols might have been used?" Could a symbol have been used that could have been associated with one of His miracles, or one reminding us that He had been a carpenter?

The Cross - The Most Common Symbol

One symbol which came into use was the cross, which is still used today. It represented many things. Firstly, it depicted the terrible means by which Jesus was put to death. No crueler means of execution existed in the ancient Roman world than crucifixion. At the same time, it demonstrated the depth of His love, that He would endure this in order to reconcile sinful men to God. The empty cross signifies not a victim who succumbed to death in this shameful way, but the miraculous means by which God could end the Old Testament sacrifices and suspend the Day of Atonement requirements. Jesus is no longer on the cross, but is indeed at the right hand of God .
Today, as we wear or display the cross , it should not be mere ornamentation or jewelry. It should be a symbol of our Christian faith, our conviction of its significance in regard to what was accomplished by Christ's death on the cross. It should declare to the world our allegiance to Him who died that we might have eternal life, and this should be backed up by consistent, faithful Christian living.


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