The Rise Of The "Average" Celebrity

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Hollywood Glamour : How our society has forced a change in the idea of celebrity

A Shift Begins

When I was young, I used to watch all of the Hollywood celebs on tv during the oscars and To be honest, I still do. I work in this industry and am still drawn to the awe of it all, even when I see every day what it actually is.

Over the last several decades, I have noticed a shift. Obviously things are going to change as time goes on, but one thing always seemed to stay consistent. The celebrities were always promoted as regal and completely unapproachable. Stunning photos taken in magnificent lighting and the most perfect of makeup artists to cover any imperfections. Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, the list goes on for miles.

In the last ten years, the industry has changed. Of course there are still those sprinkled in that fall into the previous category, Charlize Theron and Emma Stone for example, but we as a society have begun to see a different approach occur. We have finally begun to focus on talent over the classic look. Yes, they sometimes go hand in hand as referenced in the two ladies listed above, but Hollywood is no longer forced into a corner. As more and more voices are heard regarding what the standard for beauty should be, the more we find ourselves exposed to "approachable" people in the celebrity status. This isn't to say that history doesn't have a small list of celebs that were fell on the "average joe" scale, but the sheer volume of what we see today is unparalleled.

This wave of change may very well be part of what has defined our decade. It no longer feels unattainable to become a part of this celebrity world.

Perhaps this is what draws a flood of people to move to this great city. As the country becomes increasingly demanding for celebrities they can relate to, actors and actresses from around the world are able to feel more confident in their chances of "making it".

Kind of makes you wonder what the next twenty years will bring!


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