The Reasons of Love

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You know, the heart has reasons which reason knows nothing ... but this does not stop to ask what is behind love. To answer the many questions we do on the feeling that makes the world go round - and the head, there's Ania, the protagonist of the new chick lit novel I love you, goodbye to Cynthia Rogerson .

Reasons why people fall in love

Who in saving the marriages of other precious pantry advice on married life and marriage.
Here are his reasons for love: it begins, continues, ends, romantic love and how to ensure a happy marriage.

1. Sex. For the continuity of the human race. Who support ova to be fertilized. Pheromones that rattle.
2. Shared interests. Bird watching. Black and white film. Feeling understood.
3. Timing. Theory of the desert island. If there are only three people there fell in love with one of them.
4. Loneliness. Nature hates a vacuum, people are sucked out of nowhere.
5. Genetic predisposition. As the allergy. Being prone to infatuation.
6. Feeling of closeness of death. Feeling mortal. Mentality of wartime.
7. Theory for the right person. Chance. Meet the right person and boom!

Reasons why people get married

1. Desire to have legitimate children. Create an empire.
2. Security.
3. Social respectability. Useful for careers and parties.
4. Financial stability.
5. Avoid an exhausting process of courtship.
6. Just to be husband and wife. Belong to someone.
7. Because there is already a baby coming.
8. To please the family

Reasons why people are staying married

1. Children.
2. Laziness.
3. Cowardice.
4. Obstinacy.
5. Shared history.
6. Economic security.
7. To please their families.
8. Friends and shared routines.
9. Sleeping next to someone.
10. Have a spectator's life.
11. Fear of loneliness.
12. Fear of the unknown.
13. Habit.
14. Simply because they like the marriage. Unbecoming. Happiness is irrelevant.

Reasons why people get divorced

1. Monotony. Need intensity.
2. Infidelity. Symptom of unhappiness, or cause of unhappiness.
3. Midlife crisis. Incumbency of death, and so on.
4. Loss of desire. Can lead to case 2.
5. Incompatibility. Detachment.
6. Curiosity. See how the divorce. Related to number 1.
7. Self-esteem. Dissatisfaction in marriage as it is.
8. Why do you imagine a better relationship.

Ways to ensure the longevity of romantic love

Ways to ensure the longevity of romantic love
1. Die young.
2. Live apart.
3. Living in times of war or a natural disaster.
4. One of them is already committed, or both.
5. To love someone who does not know you exist.
6. Do not eat, but maybe at least one breathtaking kiss.
7. Do not speak the same language.
8. Live it the adventure in a foreign country where you do not remain long.

The rules for a successful marriage are essentially two:
1. Be civil.
2. Having sex regularly.


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author avatar Denise O
28th Feb 2011 (#)

I think marriage is different in most cases. I stayed married because, I just happen to love the old fart and have a darn good time with him. Vice versa might I add. I know I am one of the lucky ones, I found a man that is a absolute gem and funny too boot! Nice read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar francesco
28th Feb 2011 (#)

Your comments make me, always a pleasure .Thank you :-)

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