The Power of Words- Part Two

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Learn how your words can make a huge difference in your relationships with your family, friends and with your spouse.

Please Forgive Me

Many broken relationships would be restored if people simply admitted their mistakes and asked for forgiveness.We all fail and mess things up.A man should never be ashamed to admit that he was wrong.In other words, this means that today he is wiser than he was yesterday

Thank You

Gratitude is a refined form of courtesy. People who enjoy the company of close friends take the principle of politeness seriously.They are ready to thank their friends for their kindness. On the other hand, people who circle of friends has considerably reduced are not usually polite

Count On Me

A friend is the one who stands by your side when all the others are walking away.Loyalty is an essential ingredient in a true friendship, it is the "emotional glue" that unites people. When troubles strike, a real friend is there to tell you that you can count on him.

Let Me Help You

Best friends see what you need and try to help you. When they see that you are hurt, they do everything they can to heal you. Without being asked, they step in and help.

I Understand You

People get closer and enjoy each other's presence more if they feel they are accepted and understood.One of the most powerful tools in restoring a relationship is letting your partner know, in various ways and simple gestures that you understand him.This applies to both romantic relationships and friendships

Don't Give Up, Try To Do It

We all are unique people.Don't try to "shape" your friends according to your own ideals. Support their actions, each and everyone has his dreams. Encourage your friends to follow their dream.

I Love You

It's probably the most powerful statement, the most meaningful emotional charge.You are satisfying a person's deepest emotional needs by stating that you truly love him.The need to belong to someone, to be appreciated and to be desired.All you ever need to hear is a real "I love you" spoken from the heart.


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30th Dec 2011 (#)

Another excellent article on the power of words my friend...Such wisdom and insight shown here..

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