The Plight of the Muslim Woman: Where can she Go?

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Muslim women are not only to be covered from head to toe, but also denied basic rights. Its like living in a cage.

The Third Class is for Women

I rarely write many posts as I as a practicing lawyer hardly get much time. However sometimes I do read some posts though I don't comment on them. However I must record that many writers seem to have very little comprehension of what Islam really is. It is the only religion that urges it's followers to convert infidels or kill them. It also has very little to offer to a woman believer. All the Muslim clergy target only men and they give sermons as if women do not exist. Really this is a shame.

I had a look at a Youtube video clip of a Kazi urging the Muslim men, who are fleeing for asylum to Europe to spread Islam by making Christian women mothers of their children, so Islam grows. How silly, this Muslim clergy just forgot about Muslim women. What are they supposed to do? Just wait till her husband brings a christian woman with child home? The poor lady has no rights and she still has to serve the man. On top of this she may get divorced in a jiffy with the man uttering the words Talaq 3 times. Obviously these Muslim clergy do not address these concerns intent on making obnoxious suggestions to Muslim men.

The blame of the plight of Muslim women lies on Christian men, who molly coddle the Muslim men. I have not read a single comment by a Christian man on the above obnoxious suggestion of impregnated Christian women. May be they are happy with this. How can any sensible man write that Muslims are just like other religious followers. They are not as they follow a perverted agenda and give no rights to their women.Lets please be sane


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author avatar gaurachand
9th Oct 2015 (#)

you write very well

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Oct 2015 (#)

When such exhortations make the headlines, those within the faith should speak out than turn a blind eye.

I never support any belief that is against reason, or point fingers at others while turning a blind eye to their own fault lines.

I have seen much hypocrisy being practiced - looking at other faiths with suspicion and disdain but embracing own despite few hijacking even the the essence of the teachings. The voice should be loudest from within - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post and very true facts you exhibit.

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