The Perfect Age to Settle Down in Life

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These are people who settle down quite early in some of the western countries while there are also other people in Asian countries who get married very late in life.

Early Marriage in Youngsters

These days youngsters do like to settle down pretty early in life which is really bad.Marriage can happen in any age and especially in western countries people get married at very young age. It all depends on each individual and how they take it. In countries like ours, most of them do get married late believing that late marriage is always good for anyone. The Perfect Age to Settle Down in Life? have you ever given a deep thought on this? This is very important matter as marriage shapes your future life and cannot be taken lightly at all. One should think deep and wise before coming to a conclusion on matters like these. There are many people who have failed here and caution has to be taken here for sure

Disaster of Marrying Early

I had a friend of mine who got married when he was studying and his girl was also studying, but one year junior to him at a very young age. Since they were still in college, there was obviously more crowd and most of them were youngsters as it was a celebration time for everybody a sit was really a very big moment for my friend. Though i also attended his marriage, i was deep in thoughts thinking of his marriage at a very young age of 18 years ! i always had warned him of the added responsibilities that do come along with the marriage, but he was not in a position to listen to me nor to his parents as his age was like that. He was totally immature and madly in love with his girl. After 2 years of marriage, cracks started to appear which deepened very fast resulting in their divorce in very short time. This was the worst experience of his life
which he had to face at this tender age because of not listening to his elders of getting married at young age without even settling down in life which was really a grave mistake which he has realized in a hard way. Now that he is single again, he is in deep trouble as he seems to have all the troubles in life and it will be a huge task to overcome all these and come up in life. If he had grown up, he could have handled this tough situation in a very mature way as he is very immature now and not able to face challenges of life without his parents support as his so called friends have totally disappeared from his life the moment he started facing problems. Luckily his parents supported him to overcome this problem later on as he also could face light in his life.

Make The Right Choice and Perfect Age to Settle Down in Life

So, it is not the choice of partner you make in life, but the time of getting married which is very important. I always feel that once you get past 30 years (male) or 26 years (female), planning of getting married should be postponed as below this age is trouble for sure as maturity level might not be perfect to settle down in life. There are times when you have to take tough decisions or make right decisions which will be possible only after you have a certain level of maturity and not at younger age for sure. In western countries, there are many people who do get married before the age of 20, but they are also not together for very long time later on which is really bad. Getting married is one big thing in life and staying married is another huge thing in life. You can be called a success only if you can hold on to your partner life long which will be possible only if you get married at mature age. Sometimes facing tough situations will become very difficult and can be solved when two of you get together and choke out a plan to come out of that problem or solve that problem only if you have married at the right age as you bot will have right kind of maturity to think and act in life.


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Great ideas.

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Thank you

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