The Origin of Race

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An answer to the question to the origin of races, based on considerations of scripture and genetics.

Are races mentioned mentioned in the Bible?

The Bible says nothing whatever about race. Neither the word nor the concept of different races is found in the Bible at all. Studying the Scriptures, we discover that the writers of the Bible did not even know there were distinct races of men, in the sense of black and yellow and white races or Caucasian and mongoloid and Negroid races, or any other such divisions. In Genesis chapter 10, verses 5, 20, and 31 the divisions we see among men are those of tongues or languages, families, nations, and lands. In Revelation 7 verse nine, the picture of the redeemed saints in heaven is one of all nations, and kindred, and peoples, and tongues, but no mention is made of races. The divisions mentioned in Genesis 11 are based on different languages, which came about at the hand of God, but there’s no reference to physical differences. In Acts chapter 17, verse 26, the apostle Paul said God has made of one, all nations and men. Racism has been responsible for many of the sins of man, including eugenics and genocide. The subtitle to Darwin’s book Origin of Species was,” from the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.” Racism was made so much worse by the theory of evolution and its advocates. Of Hitler, it was said, “the German fuhrer has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution.”

Language groups are the classifications we see in the Bible

According to the Biblical record of history, the divisions among men as created by God are linguistic and national divisions, not racial. The physical features that identify a certain population, such as the fair skin and large eyes of the Europeans, are the outward features signifying an underlying family identity--in this case the family has grown so large as to be recognized as a race. But none of this answers the question of how did the races originate.

The post-flood gene pool and its potential

The gene pool of those who stepped off the ark would consist of that supplied by Noah and his wife and his sons and his daughters-in-law. Noah’s sons would each have a different makeup. Since they each had different wives, the children of one would be further differentiated from their cousins. This would be especially so if Noah’s son’s wives were not sisters. As long as they were living close to each other and speaking one language, their offspring would be prone to intermarry and differences would minimize. If these offspring married within their own tribes, they would possess the gene pool which would be a subset of the original gene pool. With the scattering of those after the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel, those who spoke the same language would tend to stick together and isolate themselves from others. The more remote they were from other groups, the greater the difference would be. The mention is made earlier of the gene pool of those who stepped off the ark. Within those eight individuals, there was the potential for every physical trait or characteristic observed in the world’s population today. In certain population groups, those who have married through many generations have had the same physical traits. Most of the people I encountered in Vietnam had black hair and brown eyes. Those in the Netherlands, in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark tends to be fair skinned and have blue eyes and blond hair. The isolation of people groups by language mentioned earlier led to the development of the races as we see them today.
The diversity we see today - American Indian, Eskimo, Caucasian, Negro, Asian and those in India - with very dark skin similar to the Negro, yet with smooth, straight hair- all these have originated from the potential of those who stepped off the ark so many years ago.

All scripture references are from the New American Standard Bible.


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