The New Baby Is Home- Now What?

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Bringing a new baby home to a family with some older children. What occurs and what should be thought about in this situation.


So you have given birth to your new bundle of joy and are ready to bring it home. Hopefully you have planned for the homecoming and your older child has adjusted well to your pregnancy and the new addition.

Your older child has missed you. You should have a big hug and many kisses ready for him when you come home from the hospital. Remember he wants you and needs your attention right now.

Here are some situations that might come up and ideas as to how to handle them:

Letting him hold the new born-

After you show him how to hold the new baby by perhaps having your child practice holding a baby doll and learning to support its head, and to touch it very gently. Let him feel the weight of it, smell the new baby smell, etc. Let them know that this is their new baby brother or sister.

What if the baby is the wrong gender?-

Your son wanted a brother or your daughter wanted a sister. A new born baby is pretty genderless at first so keeping your older child busy can aliviate this problem. As the baby grows older and your other child has had time to help and grow a relationship with the new addition things can go well. Fun activities such as watching videos or going through the family album full of pictures of when they were small can help this transition move along easier. Little children love to see themselves as babies.

One-on-one time-

This is very important. You will be pleasantly surprised at the effect just 10 minutes with both parents can have on the older child. There may be some attention getting acting out, clinginess or tantrums even though you felt you had helped them to adjust very well. They may feel alittle displaced and it may take some time to feel comfortable with the new family dynamics. Be sure that at every opportunity you are giving your child some added attention. Try not to fall into the habit of always letting Grandma or a favorite aunt take the older child. Its okay to hand them the baby and give yourself some time with your older child. Big brother or sister may want to babied from time to time.

Letting the older child participate-

Let them participate where ever possible. Give them choices such as choosing the baby's outfit for the day (from two acceptable options). Making them feel a part of the equation helps them to feel more comfortable with the change. Let them help with the bath or changing the diaper.

Attention Getting and the mother's relationship with the older child-

Research shows that when children have a close relationship with their mothers they will show the most upset when another baby is brought into the fold. On the other hand, if the child has a cloer relationship with the family they seem to adjust better. A child's development stage can affect how well they will share your attention. If the older child in a two year old for instance, they may have lots have trouble sharing their parents with a new baby. Their need for closeness and sharing their parent's time is still great.

Slibling Rivalry-

Competition, jealousy, and fighting. Your older child's development, or, if there are other children in the home, will mean they will learn important skills like cooperating and being able to see another person’s point of view. Children that are tired, hungry or bored are more apt to cause fighting. Keep them occupied and be sure to take snacks if you are going to be away from home. Alittle organization can save a tantrum from taking place.

Guests and baby gifts-

There will probably be situations where guests will come bringing presents. It's a good idea to have some small gifts or treats ready for your older child. Especially if your other child is a toddler, younger than three. This is a good idea because they may resent what the baby is getting and that they are not. So let him associate the new baby's arrival with lots of pluses for him. And, help to foster the idea of siblings loving one another by giving your child a gift from the baby and letting them choose one to give back.


New Babies In The Household

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author avatar Kingwell
20th Apr 2015 (#)

Terrific advice! Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

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author avatar Charlene Collins
20th Apr 2015 (#)

My brother wanted a brother and he got me. He said he used to pull my ears when I was a baby. I had a bruise on my head when I was about 2. My brother said he hit me with an empty egg carton lol. He said he kinda likes me now he he.

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
21st Apr 2015 (#)

I had a step brother for seven years. He used to punch me in the arm until I was black and blue. He also made me stand out on the cement front step until he felt like letting me in. I was bare foot and it was winter time.

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author avatar Eve Sherrill York
21st Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you, Kingwell.

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