The Need For Friendship

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Man by nature is a social animal. He instinctively seeks to bond with others especially people with same or identical interest, aspiration and the same world view or ideology.

The Real Friends

The Need For Friendship
Man by nature is gregarious, in other words, he instinctively seeks the company of others. to promote their common interest. Since he can not live alone or in isolation, man therefore needs others to rely on, confide in and share thrills and joy that comes from living together. Friendship goes beyond the physical and plays a very important role in helping to stabilize our emotional well being. In friendship, the good of life is multiplied, and the concord and harmony promotes and improves the quality of life and good neigbourliness.

Why We Must Choose Carefully Our Friends
Since man is a social animal and tends to naturally seek to bond with others to promote their common existence, making and picking your friends becomes a very important necessity in order to avoid heart breaks and pains that comes with a sudden collapse of such a union. Because we live in a world where the pursuit of purely personal interest is fast eroding the principle of living for one another, it becomes even more imperative that we must weigh and choose our friends. A true friend should be another you, he or she should be imbued with similar or understanding ideology, he should be some one who genuinely feels your pains, cherishes and promotes your interests and joy. A person who is willing if the need arises to forsake self for your own good. Further more, a true friend is that person who will stand by you not only when things are going well, but in hard times. He will stand in for you and will always protect your interest no matter what it will cost him. Such a friend will not expose your secrets, or speak ill of you at your back while in your presence pretends to be very nice. Envy and jealousy are not part of the traits of a good friend. He is not selfish, egoistic, but always seeking for your good and welfare. Friendship contrived based on above criteria, will thrive and out of the harmony will flow unprecedented joy and happiness that positively promote good health and mental well being of those involved and people around.

The Danger of Making Bad Friends

''keep company with the wise and you will become wise.
If you make friends with stupid people, you will be ruined'' ( proverb 13:20)
''Do not be fooled. ''Bad companions ruin good character'' 1 cor 15:13.
Obviously, the company or the type of friends we keep to a large extent tells volume of who we are. I wonder, how one who doesn't drink will feel in the company of a drunkard,or what will come out from a friendship between one who is disposed to peace and another who believes in an eye for an eye. Furthermore, what purpose will it serve for positive minded individuals to befriend evil people? Friendship I dare say, is not just a physical thing, it involves emotional ties that can be very strong. In this regard, bonding with people who may not have your type of ideology or a contrasting way of life can be very dangerous, as you can find yourself over time, being sucked into their way of thinking and way of doing things.
Most people profess friendship out of ulterior motive or better put, because of purely selfish reasons which might also be material . Such friends will take flight without looking back when things don't go their way, It follows therefore, that any friendship not founded on mutuality, is fake and will crumble like a pack of cards, leaving in its tracks regrets, quarrels and pains.
Thus, to avoid such pitfalls, make friends with only people who are worthy of your friendship.Don't make friends just for the sake of having friends. Be critical in accessing and picking your friends because, some people can be very deceptive when they are hell bent to capture your attention and interest in respect of what they perceive to gain or get from you. Friendship should be taken seriously. Good relationship can be ennobling and beneficial to both parties, just like a bad one can breed trouble, and cast aspersion on the integrity and reputation of those involved.


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author avatar Retired
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Echoes the belief I have in my life. If you have nothing good to contribute, then the best is for oneself to walk away and leave the person standing where they feel they belong.
You may try to go back to hold their hand but if they are unwilling to come back into the lines of conformity, its their choice and ultimately their downfall in life....

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Very good perspective. Thanks for the comment.

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author avatar Retired
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Good job...very informative...thanks for sharing....

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author avatar Uranta Emmanuel
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks for reading my work.

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