The Misunderstood Identity of Hell

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The word hell is one of the least understood word in the bible. Many people even christian have been living with a false concept and ideology of hell.
In this article, you will see hell what the bible say it is and as well understand what it means.

General Misconception of Hell

Hell is a common phrase used by many of the christian faith. It is believed to be a special place God had reserved for sinners.

The bible also helps in making us know that it is a place reserved for the devil and his angels.In describing it, some preachers tell us that hell is a big pit that never fills up and it has fire burning for all eternity.This fire is for torturing and tormenting sinner that ends up there.

Some scientist have told us they had discover the location of hell.Just as some of them tells us this spurious story of discovery of heaven and the throne of God.Not too long, some scientist claim they know where hell is on this earth. I can't really remember the country they say they found this hell. But they say they found a steam oozing out of a narrow entrance right in the depth of the earth.

All of this are mere fallacy.If we are to find out what hell is, we should look to the word of God,the bible, to give us the answers to this mysterious and contentious place.

Old Testament Hell

The old testament talked about hell.which in the Hebrew tongue is Sheol.But the hell according to their meaning is the place of the dead.A sepulcher, graveyard or call it cemetery.It is where the dead are buried.

It is not a mysterious place where a fire burns and you have Satan and his demons holding a large fork,poking and torturing people there.This concept came form one Alighieri.It is a fable.Unfortunately, this fable was carried into bible doctrines.

Hell as in the Hebrew tongue Sheol is not a special place of burning fire and torturing of men.It is a graveyard or cemetery.

Notable among the use of hell is a quote in Psalm 16.David in prophecy talked about the Messiah and he said, 'thou shall not leave his soul in hell nor allow your Holy one suffer corruption.'

What it means here is Christ will not be left in the grave for too long and would rise again after the third days and night.

There are many other places that talk about hell,but they never meant a burning pit of punishment.

Jesus Teaching about Hell

In the New Testament,the word hell in the Greek language mean Hades.It means the same as the Hebrew language.It is a graveyard for the dead people. There is a hell being said about disobedient spirit where they are imprisoned.That in Greek mean Tataroo.It is mean a prison yard or holding someone in custody.This is the state the fallen angels are at this time.They are in God's custody or prison yard where they await their final judgement.

Another hell,which Jesus commonly spoke about is in Greek called Gehenna.This is the hell fire that burns with sulphur.It is the place of eternal punishment for the disobedient to God's way and commandments.

But note that in a certain passage,Jesus talks about this hell where the fire quenches not neither their worms dies.

Here Jesus is making an allusion to the dump ground outside the walls of Jerusalem.It is in the old Testament called Tophet or valley of Hinnom.This is the place for the worship of the god Molech in the old testament Israel when in idolatry.During Jesus, time this Tophet had become a refuse ground where they continuously burn with fire the refuse dumped there from time to time.

As in all normal refuse dump,this place breed maggot due to decomposition by bacteria and this maggot in worm like form later change to flies.As long as the refuse dump remains,the maggot,that is worm never dies, they keep breeding and the fire never goes out as it being kindled daily to burn the refuse.

This is the hell fire that Jesus talks about as the destiny of the sinners and disobedient.It is as well the final destiny of Satan and his demons.It was originally made for them as their punishment for their rebellion against the kingdom of God.

You need to understand that even in this hell fire,even though the fire never quench as Jesus said and worm dies not,what this means is that sinners that are throw into this place, will burn off and turn to ashes.There is never an everlasting punishing in hell fire.Humans are matter,flesh and blood, so where thrown into this place, they will surely burn to ashes and their remains blown away.Normally, the worms will surely die but they will keep replacing another as long as they turn to flies.

For Satan and his demons, you they are spirit being.Spirit is not matter. they don't have flesh and blood.what happen to them is that in that fire, they are tormented for all eternity.They will not burn off like humans.Theirs will be mental punishment in the fire for all time.

So, you see that the hell you know is the one that Jesus preached and talked about neither is it the one God has said in His word.As Christians we have be told to prove all things and then hold on to the truth.

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