The Miracle Story of Chinese Bamboo Tree

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To develop or grow the family relationships is like growing of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. The relations we slowly develop and eventually they give us the unending fruits of relations. First invest the relations with your family members and eventually you have vast kind of unconditional and unending relation are waiting for you.

Develop unconditional and unending relations with family members

The Miracle of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

Let's have an amazing story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. It the one kind of the success story which can be related to our lives. After it had been planted, one can see nothing , yes, absolutely nothing there is. It has beem nothing there at least for years. No prouting is there. No symptoms of the Bamboo sign but only the soil is there to see. All these four yeas there is the growth of underground and it silently has its own kind of net work and spread its roots to spread over the soil like a lightening fast. The in the fifth year, it grows up to eighty feet. It is eormous. It is wonderful silent network of its roots.

Many issues in our families are like these baaboo trees. You work and invest your time on the good relationships. At first, there is no tremendous development to see but like the Chinese Bamboo tree, one can has the ner work of relations. Later at once one can see the absolute appearance of the realtionship power. For the months and years one can develop these kind of relationships unconditionally. Then they can enjoy the real power of its vast network of relations. If you are patient and nuturing your realtionships, you can get the fruits of it to cherish.

Patience and faith is very important for the family developing relations. You have to develop your family relations like the bamboo tree. You should be patient and delegent. First we give to love and eventually we can get any way.

In the process of mking the developments of relationships, we never give up our efforts in making our relationships stronger and thicker. Giving up is the main loss or damage of losingthe relationships for ever. As Winston Churchill Says never give up theeffort in doing your networking of the family.

I know of a little girl always comes onto the porch. Her mother alsi comes out and hugs the girl and invite her back. One day as the girl comes out to go the school. Her mother does not come out. The girl does not go to school and she comes in and hugged her mother ans tells her mother " Ma, always come out and hug me." The mother has input years of ivestent of relationships with her baby and eventually her girl also gets used to it. If we want to get back affection first we invest a lot of it unconditionally.
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