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All about my life as a new mommy and how she is growing up! Proud to be a mum to my baby girl!


Growing up I always told my mother I would never have kids. So when I met my husband in may of 2015 and we decided that we wanted to start a family, it came as a shock to my family. Me, only being 21 at that time, my family didn't think I would be able to handle it.

Two months into the pregnancy I started getting really sick. I could not keep anything down. I was constantly vomiting, and spent most of my time over the toilet or garbage can. It got to the point that the doctors had to put me on a nausea medication.

On top of the nausea came bleeding, which scared me so bad that my mother-in-law rushed me to the hospital. Even the doctors were worried, but for different reasons. Although I had been bleeding, they were worried for my health and my baby's health because how dehydrated I was. But we were also scared because how week our little baby's heartbeat was. Two bags of fluids later, they sent me home, having me worried because they were saying that my husband and I may lose our baby. Luckily, we didn't.

The next day, we got to go to the doctor. After the bleeding the night before, and passing a clot the size of my hand, getting to see my baby on the ultrasound screen and hear its heartbeat was a relief. This was the first ultrasound, and the doctor told me at that time that I should have saved that clot to bring to him so he could make sure I had not been carrying twins. To this day, my husband and I still feel like I was.

October of 2015 was a busy month for me. With the death of my grandfather, we had to go on a trip. What a nightmare, I threw up on myself on the bus, had barf in my hair, had to have the bus driver let me get into my things under the bus and get a clean shirt along with have him stop and wait while I changed. Then to top it off, the bus broke down in Texas and we missed our bus, so was delayed on getting home! What a pain, sitting six hours, I made them give us a hotel room for over night and pay for all our meals while we had to wait.

In December we got to see hour baby on the 3D ultra sound. Plus we got to learn that hour little baby is a baby girl. This is when we decided we would name her Leah-Jo. She became our precious little Tahvah. (Indian for Feather)

March 11th, 2016 my doctor checked to see how far dilated I was. At this time I was 4 centemeters dilated, so he sent me to the hospital. This is where I spent the next 24 hours before the doctor busted my water. I had opted out of the epidural because I have back problems as is, and I knew that the epidural causes long term back pain. This was before the contractions hit. The nurse who gave me the IV pain medicine didn't apply it right so I didn't get the effects until after they sat me up to give me the epidural. They got the needle in my back, but by the time that they got it set up, I was already delivering, so they never got the chance to put the medication through the epidural in my back. Two and a half hours after my water was busted, my husband and I had our daughter.

After she was born

When my daughter was born on March 12, 2016 at seven pounds seven ounces, I would not let the doctors take her until I knew for sure that she had gotten to breastfeed. I knew that if they took her, then I would have harder difficulty with breastfeeding her. During the time I was in the hospital, I spent maybe two hours sleeping, the rest of the time, I watched her sleeping. She looked so peaceful.

When we brought our baby girl home, everyone wanted to see her. She became the talk of the town. We were always being told awe she's so beautiful, or awe shes got so much hair. It was joyous to see that she brought so much joy to those around her like she did me and her daddy.


The first month was very busy. With appointments due to jaundice, we were constantly running back and forth. Within the first two weeks, our daughter reached such a high number that I actually broke down crying thinking I was doing something wrong and was scared that she was going to end up in the hospital again. We had to keep her under light for most of the days. Luckily right before reaching a level 17 her levels started to come down, so she did not need to be admitted into the hospital to be put under a photo light.

Within the first week she was back at her birth weight and by the end of the month she had already been to nine pounds. She grew so fast, and watching how she went from tiny, to twenty-one inches long was amazing.

Her first bath was directly after she lost her umbilical cord a when she was two weeks old. Boy did she enjoy it. She looked around up at her mi-mi, daddy and me and laid in the water letting it soak over her skin. As soon as we took her out of the tub, she started crying, so we put her back in for a few seconds, and she stopped crying. She did not want out of her bath water. It was by far the most adorable thing ever.


During the second month, we came to know, shopping with a baby in the car is tough. We decided to go grocery shopping, and she made me carry her through the store, would not stay in her car seat without crying. And to top it off, she decided to get revenge, and went poop, but problem was, being breast fed, she overfilled her diaper, and covered me in it, so I had to change her and attempt to get poop off of me, which was pretty much a failure, so ended up having to finish shopping with it on me. All I can say is, if anyone would of said something to me, I would of replied with, it's the life of being a mommy.

During the second month she got her shots. It made me cry, seeing her get those shots, and how she cried, it just broke my heart. She screamed so loud that her mi-mi heard her all the way into the waiting room, and we were in the back of the building! Our poor baby girl was so sore, and ended up with a huge lump on her leg in the injection spot. Boy was I mad at the nurses for that. And the fever! It was the worse. We had such a hard time keeping it down, and keeping her hydrated was hard. We actually had to get the okay to give her Pedialite.


Its the month of May. The month that flowers blossom, and the month that mother's are recognized. It was my first mother's day as a mommy. Usually it was me celebrating by getting my mother a gift, but instead, I was celebrating as a mommy of a beautiful little girl. I treated myself with a necklace that says mom, and said it was from her, and also got her mi-mi and necklace that says Nana and said that it was from her as well. It was a real treat.

In the month of May things became difficult. I found out that during the pregnancy my gallbladder went bad, so I had to go through surgery. I ended up in the hospital with severe side pain and had a hard time with taking care of my daughter. Luckily her daddy and Nana were there to step in in my place. This pain made it hard to keep up with breastfeeding, and caused my milk production to decrease. This decrease made it where at the end of the month, I had to start supplementing formula.


June brought my daughter's first photo shoot. Since I had gone to school for photography, I was able to do this myself. She smiled up at the camera expectantly, since she was already use to photographs being taken from all the photos I had been taking of her. I didn't want to overdue it, but I wanted to show everyone how much she grew.

June was also father's day. She wore an outfit that said daddy's firework. Although it was a Forth of July outfit, it was the perfect outfit for the date. She spent the day with her daddy. They played Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS4. Although, honestly, he played the game and she played with the controller as he held her on his lap.

June was her uncle Michael's birthday. She tried mimicking her daddy to say hello to my brother on the microphone on the PS4. It didn't go as planned, she got mad and started screaming at the headset and tried to eat it.


July was her first official major holiday. Though we really didn't do anything since the plates on the car were out. We just spent time at home, and even though she wasn't quite four months old, she had her first taste of baby cereal. it was only about a week off, and she kept watching my husband and I eating and would reach out and try mimicking the motions of us chewing. Every bite we took she would holler thinking we were eating her food, so we mixed up some baby oatmeal. That night, we watched the fireworks out the bedroom window. Unfortunately, since we live in Oklahoma, it was more of a lightning show, since it decided it was going to thunderstorm. Talk about unpredictable weather.

On July 26th, she got her second set of shots. She didn't cry as much this time around as the previous shots. She seemed prepared, and we were too. To reduce the chance of fever, we gave her Baby Acetaminophen prior to taking her to the doctors. She slept basically the whole time, right up until they were ready to do the shots, and even then she tried to stay asleep through them.


August brought her baby feeding time. She started eating Gerber food on a regular basis. At five months old she would tear up some bananas and chicken gravy. She didn't care much for baby cereal.

August she got to meet another baby for the first time. We took her to see our friend in the next town over from us, who has a son two months older than our little girl. She and he became friends quick.

In august we also took baby girl back and forth to church. Though she had spent some time going to church, this was the first time Jay and I went with her and her Nana. We usually took this time to rest and spend time together instead of tagging along to church. We got to witness our daughter and how she enjoys her some Native American Gospel music. She was the only baby that didn't throw down. She also had her first taste of real food, other than baby food. We let her have some chicken juice and she filled up on it during the churches dinner. She had a blast!


September brought her second photo shoot. Being six months old I went all out. She wore a beautiful red and white long sleeve dress, and I stacked her stuff animals up and she took pictures with them. This photo shoot was for a bigger reasons.

We signed her up for the Gerber competition, and she will start receiving votes on Halloween. The same day she turned 6 months old, my mother, her grandmother, turned forty-three. She had to take a photo specially for her grandma. In this photo, she was beating up her stuffed monkey. For those curious about my baby girl, and would like to vote for her, you can do so at starting on the 31st of October. Voting is daily.

This month was also her first attempt at crawling. We caught it on camera. It was so adorable. She won by making it to her monkey, although, she kind of cheated by grabbing the blanket and pulling herself towards it. All the less, what matters is that she got the monkey.

For Halloween, my daughter is going to be a mermaid. Her costume will be unique, meaning not another will have one like it. I am crocheting her costume from scratch. The first thing I have ever done like this.


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30th Sep 2016 (#)

Would love to see the video of her crawling. Mine was walking at 9 months but crawled for a week or a family picture.

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6th Oct 2016 (#)

thank you for the advice. :)

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