The Life of Jesus

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This article gives you information about the life and times of the "Messiah" Jesus Christ.

The life of Jesus

Throughout the Christian Religion, one thing that stands out is that the deliverer was born and that the Messiah who was prophesied did indeed come. Many people have studied and are certain of some of the occurrences in this man's life, however many are confused. Learning about his life is one of the most important things that a student of the Bible will want to do, because belief in him and his life is paramount to Christian salvation.

His Birth

Jesus Christ was born of Mary, who was still a virgin (this means she had not had relations with any man). There is no particular date that is given for the birth of Jesus and the actual date has been debated for centuries. Many people project that this date may have been anytime between 2BC and 1AD. The reason for the confusion is because the book of Matthew, it points out that Jesus was born while Herod the Great was the King. Herod died at 4BC however, the assumption being that Jesus is about 2 at the time that Herod died. There are a few scholars who believe that Jesus may have been born even earlier and that it could have been approximately as late as 7BC.

His Family

Jesus was known to be the Son of God, born of woman which was Mary (the virgin) and raised in the household of his adopted Father Joseph (it is also assumed that Joseph died during Jesus childhood). While Jesus is the oldest of Mary's children the bible gives you proof that there were other siblings. In fact, you will hear that Jesus is the brother of Simon, Juda, Joses and James as well as sisters. Another important figure in the Bible is John the Baptist, who is presumed to be Jesus' cousin, many are unsure but it is known that the family of John the Baptist are indeed relatives.

An important part of the gospels includes the listing of the Genealogy of the Christ, there are two lists of his relatives in Matthew and Luke, these are different from each other, however most researchers believe the reason for the differences is that Luke traces the line of Mary and Matthew traces Joseph, Jesus adopted father. It is important to note that the reason this is so important is because one of the prophesies include the Messiah being a descendant of David and of Abraham before him, which Jesus was. It also shows that Jesus was indeed a son of Levi who were priests. So the information given in his genealogies explain that he is both a priest and could speak the word of God and he was or royal lineage as the descendant of David.

Life Before Ministry

The life of Christ is a very quiet one, you hear very little from him except that he was once found in a temple reading the word of God and when asked what he was doing there, simply asked where else would he be. The Bible also says that Jesus was a carpenter, which is a trade that he undoubtedly learned from Joseph who was a builder by trade. He probably spent many of the years of his life learning his father's trade. Another thing is that Jesus could read, so it is assumed that he was educated in some formal education during the early years of his life, however those years are not mentioned in the Bible and remain a mystery to even the most scholarly of researchers.

His Ministry

Somewhere after he turned 30, he was baptized by John the Baptist, this is where the a dove (the Holy Spirit) came down on him and the voice of God told those in attendance that Jesus was God's beloved Son and that God was pleased with him. Then Jesus would enter into the desert where he would stay for 40 days and nights, during this time Satan would come to him 3 times in an effort to tempt him into saving himself and denying God, however Jesus denied these temptations and was sent food from God.

Jesus reason for his ministry was that Jesus would die for the sin of men and to preach the “Good News” that God's kingdom was at hand. The message that he taught was that through him, you could gain everlasting life. During his ministry he would perform many miracles including walking on water, feeding many with a few pieces of bread and a few fish, turning water into wine, raising people from the blind, healing the blind and the sick and freeing people from demons.

One other thing to remember about his ministry, is that Jesus would do a lot of teaching during his time , in which many of these teachings would include several parables to help his followers get a better idea of the examples he was giving. Also he taught people the importance of peace, forgiveness, love, being humble, and basically staying away from anything considered a sin.

His Death

The main reason for Jesus life was that he would die for the sins of mankind, therefore he knew that eventually he would die. He also knew that this death would be painful and that would culminate into him being crucified on the cross. He would enjoy his “Last Supper” with his disciples and he would also alert everyone that someone would betray him. He would be arrested, tried and eventually found guilty. He is stripped of all his clothing, he is beaten, he is called names, then he is crowned with a crown made of thorns.

Before his death, he is asked by another, and was still gracious enough to forgive this man and give him eternal life. Then he cries out “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me, then he asked forgiveness of those who were doing this to him and he died.

His Resurrection

Jesus tells his disciples that he would indeed die, but that he would return to them in three days. On a Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene and another woman named Mary (many believe this is his mother) went to his tomb to anoint his body. However when they get there Jesus is not there but Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene. After which he would appear to the disciples including Thomas who will need a thorough investigation, and makes a few other appearances to others, until his ascension to the Father in Heaven, to take his place at his right side as his Son.


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author avatar akram saqib
28th Aug 2012 (#)

according to christian point of view only

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author avatar Katherine Johnson
29th Aug 2012 (#)

No according to real life, if you read authors such as Josephus who was not a Christian you will learn that Jesus was alive and lived during his time, you will also learn that he did miracles and was born to Mary. Other authors also not Christian heard or saw Jesus speak and the miracles that he performed and wrote about them, therefore it is not a Christian story it is a historical story with a Christian twist.

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