The King Mounted on the Cross to Build the Greatest Kingdom

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The Jewish high priests thought by executing Jesus, they could end his dream of kingdom. King Herod might have thought that would be a good solution to remove his rival for power. The Romans might have thought that by the punishment of Crucifixion they could control the political revolution of the Jews.

Confrontation of the King

Confronted by the politically oriented question of Governor Pilate, "Are you king of the Jews," Jesus, standing handcuffed accused before the Roman Official, answered him that his kingdom was not of this world and that his kingdom was from another place.
Pilate did not stop with that answer. He insisted his question once again with the words, "You are a king, then,” and Jesus clarified him the nature of his kingship. He answered Pilate that his kingdom was to testify to the truth and to be proved with love.
The greatest king of history
There are several witnesses who accepted and testified Jesus Christ as the greatest king of history. The French Emperor Napoleon gave testimony to the kingship of Jesus Christ as the greatest king of history. He told that Alexander, Caesar, Hannibal, Louis XIV strove in vain to secure their kingdoms as they conquered the world, and yet they could not establish such a powerful kingdom as Jesus did.

The king who mounted the cross

Jesus was repeating the word “Kingdom of God” throughout his teaching and preaching. He explained about the nature of his kingdom several times. He described clearly how to establish his kingdom on this earth and how everyone can share the citizenship of his kingdom.
Jesus had already mentioned about his Crucifixion - his mounting on the cross to establish is kingdom. He said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." And he did establish his kingdom through his sufferings and Crucifixion.

The feast of Christ the King

Jesus clarifies that his kingdom is to establish justice and share love.

Jesus said his kingdom did not belong to this world. It should not be misunderstood that he is not concerned about the political problems or social injustice found in the kingdoms of this earth. He did mean to establish justice and truth in every system of government. He did mean that a peaceful society should be established through pure love and sharing.

Jesus never meant that he was concerned only about the power of the church or prayer service. Rather he meant that his kingdom should be a place of happiness through sharing the community life in practice.

Politicians of his times might have thought that by executing Jesus on the Cross his dream of kingdom would have ended. But it was the starting pointing of the establishment of the greatest kingdom of history!


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