The Joy of Fulfilling A Dream

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I have been away for more than a month, but I am back with great news. Since this is my 80th article, I would like this to be something special that will touch my readers' hearts. Enjoy reading!

Dreams Do Come True

One of the greatest things in life is to see a dream become a reality. No matter how big or small a dream is, once fulfilled, it means a lot. Dreams Come True was the very first article I wrote for Wikinut. I wrote it in December 2011. A few months later, I wrote a sequel titled She’s My Girl. If you have not read those 2 articles yet, I suggest you do so. Now, this article concludes the series.

After my almost 2 months' hiatus, I come back to celebrate not just the fulfillment of a dream, but also to share with everyone the joy it brings me. Words are not enough to describe how happy I am, but I will try my best to write and share my experience. I hope you'll enjoy reading.

The Subject of My Dream

This is no longer a dream. My anticipation to finally meet her in person has just become a reality. At first, I could not believe that the long waiting was over. Mixed feelings of excitement and fear overcame me during the entire duration of the long flight. I was excited to hug and kiss her, and yet, fearful that she would not reciprocate that feeling. I kept asking myself, What if she rejects me? I kept praying that our meeting would lead to a wonderful liftetime relationship.

It took many years to fulfill this dream. There were so many background checks to go through, psychological evaluations, medical tests, and all other legal requirements needed. I had to travel overseas and thousands of miles just to meet her. I kept myself hopeful that in God’s perfect time, we would be together. Now, I can say that everything I went through was very much worth it. She is the love of my life today and tomorrow.

Time To Celebrate

This is not just about my dream. This is also about a child’s dream that has been fulfilled, and it calls for a celebration. Anne is 3 years old, and has spent all 3 full years of her life in the orphanage. Just hours after she was born, she was taken to the orphanage in Palawan, Philippines. Although she was very well taken care of, she hoped to be able to find a permanent family that would love and nurture her for the rest of her life.

She is a very adorable child, a very precious gift from God. It has been a month since she was released in our custody. I have observed that she is a very smart and loving child. It was a wonderful experience having met her in person, and to know her fully well. She speaks Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, but she knows a few English words. She loves to sing and dance. When she sings, she loves making her own songs. I noticed that her left and right hands have equal strengths, which makes her able to write using either hands. She likes eating rice, bread, vegetables, and fruits. Her activities include coloring pictures, playing with her toys, and watching cartoons. She is indeed, a great bundle of joy.

A Difficult Transition

It must be very hard for a young child to undergo such a transition like this. For 3 years since birth, she was surrounded with other kids her age, who were also given up for adoption.

When Anne had to leave the orphanage, it was very hard for her. I still remember that very moment when she cried because she was going to leave her friends, her caregiver, the administrators, the staff, and the place she knew since she was born. It broke my heart seeing her cry while she chased her caregiver and screamed at the top of her lung because she did not want to leave. Being away from people whom she has been with for 3 years must be really hard. That same night, she did not want to sleep in the hotel bed. She cried the whole night. I tried to pacify her but she kept crying. I carried her and sang her a lullaby. She fell asleep in my arms. When I tried to put her on the bed, she woke up and cried. I tried many times, and finally when she fell asleep again, I lay myself down on the bed and put her on top of me. She felt very comfortable that way, and slept the whole night. The same routine happened the next succeeding nights.

Each day, our bonding went better. We came to know each other well. Before we finally flew back to the United States, she already felt very comfortable. She did good on the plane. She enjoyed the flight, except that once in a while, she cried when she felt some turbulence.

Orphans Touched My Heart

My stay in Palawan wasn’t long, but enough to see and know other orphans who are still waiting to be adopted. There were about 7 toddlers including Anne, then there were infants with ages ranging from 7 months to almost 1 year. We got the opportunity to go out with them and go to places, which they really enjoyed. I also enjoyed being with them. They are all good kids, and if only I could afford to adopt them all, I probably would.

The child that really caught my attention was a girl whose name is Irene. She is 2 years old, and hasn’t been matched with an adoptive family yet. She came to me, held my hands, and kissed me. She also gave me a big hug, which really touched me so much.

All the kids were so happy when I distributed some packages of crayons, coloring books, pencils, and some other materials. Thanks to my sister who gave the money to buy those materials. Doing small things like this can brighten up the children’s faces and can put smiles on their lips.

Anne's Life in America

It has only been more than 2 weeks since Anne came to the United States. She is adjusting so well in her new home. She has so far made friends, and has yet to adjust on the weather, as it is very much different here compared to the weather in the Philippines. It will soon be Fall, and it’s now getting colder.

Anne will soon learn how to speak the language. Next year, she would be ready to go to school. I wish Anne the best of everything. As she makes a new start in life, please join us in prayers for a very promising future for her.


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author avatar Buzz
18th Sep 2012 (#)

Such tender moments, Tess! I was looking forward to your publishing the article. Lucky mother and child who by osmosis will become almost biologically-linked. Good luck and congratulations on becoming a new mother, hon Tess! God bless!

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author avatar Tess Irons
24th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks, Buzz. Those are indeed tender moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. It was a very long process, but worth waiting for.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Sep 2012 (#)

What a touching story you have shared, Tess - indeed made for each other! Our love is boundless, vested in each of us but we tend to forget when selfishness gets the better of us. I wish you and Anne true bonding, love for each other for the rest of your life. I know how you feel; my son was born after fourteen years of our marriage and our life and priorities just changed -- siva

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author avatar Tess Irons
24th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks for your comment, siva. I appreciate your thoughts and well wishes.

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author avatar Retired
3rd Dec 2013 (#)

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