The Invention of the First Baby Carriers

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Describes how one mother created the Snugli baby carrier.

An Idea

When Ann Moore served in the Peace Corps in the early 1960’s she spent most of her time with the natives of Togo in the former French West Africa. After returning to Colorado in 1964 and having her first child she wished that the American culture offered a device like the African tribal carriers, which allowed women to bring their children along for the workday and promoted a close parent-child bonding as well.

Ann took a long piece of fabric and used it to attach her daughter Mande to her chest but contrivance was awkward and Mande kept slipping off. Eventually, with the help of Mande’s grandmother, Lucy Aukerman, Ann made a pouch from an old sheet, with straps that crisscrossed the back and with openings for the baby’s hands and feet. Thanks to the child carrier, Ann could take Mande along with her where ever she went.

As more people saw Mande in her clever carrier they asked Ann where they could find a similar baby pouch. Through word of mouth and an ad in a mail-order catalogue, Moore and Aukerman found themselves with a prospering business, manufacturing the Snugli baby carrier.

In 1977 Ann Moore patented the Snugli and she and her husband Mike started Snugli, Inc. By 1983 the firm was grossing $6 Million a year. Ann Moore now over 50 and the mother of three grown children feels she contributed to the well-being of mothers everywhere. “If the future holds a world of more loving adults,” she said in 1984, “that’s exciting.”

One mother who was not happy with the Snugli baby carrier however was Andrea H. Proudfoot, of Eugene, Oregon. She received one as a gift and found it uncomfortable. She decided to design a baby carrier that took the weight of the child on the back rather than the chest, “Andrea’s Baby Pack” was patented. Proudfoot along with 15 other women sewed the back pack as well as her other clothing designs in a small cottage industry while the owner refused to sell to large companies.


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author avatar Greenfaol
13th Jan 2011 (#)

I did not know that. Thanks for opening my eyes :D Great read.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
13th Jan 2011 (#)

Like Greenfaol, I didn't know that either. Another well researched and written article. Job well done Barbara.

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author avatar Barbara10Broek
14th Jan 2011 (#)

Glad you enjoyed it.

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author avatar Retired
15th Jan 2011 (#)

Excellent work.

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2011 (#)

Barbara, I am always in awe of your research, you're great at it hon. Another interesting article.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Marcelitte
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

Great ---someone actually gave Africa the credit yayyyyy!!! It's rare in this European American society -- did you know Diana Krall was voted the best female jazz singer of all time ????yikes!!!! Thanks again for being honest !!!!

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author avatar peachpurple
22nd Dec 2012 (#)

i still see couples using baby carrier like your photo in shopping malls. Was quite surprise and some maids use them too.

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author avatar Louise Sawyer
8th Jan 2016 (#)

I think this article should be called The Invention of the First Modern Baby Carriers. That would be more correct. Google "Ute women and children. 1894. Photo by H.S. Poles." The baby carrier was invented by native people around the world, waaaay before Anne Moor and her mom copied and modified the invention.

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