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The toy piano, much like that of the little red tricycle, will forever be an icon of childhood for many years to come.


Never has an instrument invaded so many homes over the centuries as the lowly, beautiful and versatile piano! Children of every age have shown interest in this musical instrument, so much so that toy companies have capitalized on this market by creating the beloved toy piano. The toy piano is said to have been first created in the 1900's.

Toy pianos have taken on various forms. The two most common forms are
1) The piano that plays itself, just wind it up and let it go. and
2) The tiny wooden or plastic piano that resembles a baby grand or keyboard, but so small you have it sit on a table to bang away at it.

Kinds and Companies

Toy pianos are an awesome way for children to explore the idea of music, without the parents ever laying out a penny for lessons. At best, a toy piano might have only three octaves and at worst, only one. Many include the black keys, but just as many don't. Tuning ranges wildly as well.

Fisher-Price has come out with plastic toy pianos featuring various colours and characters to not only teach the basic Do-Re-Me notes, but also things like colour, counting and touch. A very common variety features Winnie-the-Pooh and friends, with the case of the toy piano painted green and shaped like part of the meadow.

Children more interested in miniature versions of the real thing may be interested in unwrapping toy pianos made by the Schoenhut Piano Company. Research around the subject of toy pianos, reveals deep interest by those who are both musical and value the toy's historical roots. So much so that San Diego has been known to host Toy Piano Festivals where this musical instrument is celebrated.

On into the Future

Since the 2000's, toy pianos have entered the digitized world as well, taking on the form of child-friendly keyboards, or even children's programs on the computer that look and sound like their physical counterparts. Some of these not only offer up a mind-boggling array of sounds to be played and experimented with, but also offer lessons that your young self-starter can use to teach themselves.

The joy and delight of children discovering their musical talents will continue to drive toy companies to create and improve upon this tiny musical instrument.


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