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The long time etiquette says no flag should fly above the American flag. This article challenges that custom with a spiritual argument.

Christian Churches Should Follow This Church

I feel that the Christian flag should always fly higher than any national flag because God is the author of human government. Rom 13:1-4 Besides, there are several official sources that support hoisting the Christian flag above the American flag.

The Declaration of Independence – Who hasn't heard or read these words penned by Thomas Jefferson in that cherished statement of independence? “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Isn't it reasonable to fly the Christian flag which symbolizes our Creator God above or higher than the American flag or any national flag? I believe so.

Pledge of Allegiance - In the pledge which all Americans are taught to recite we see these words: “ nation under God...” Don”t those words suggest that the American flag which represents a nation under God should not fly above a flag emblematic of God – the Christian flag?

Our Monetary Motto - On America's currency both coin and paper we read these words: “in God we trust.” That declaration implies that we as a country – as a people - are dependent upon a higher authority for protection and prosperity. That higher authority is the Creator named in the Declaration Of Independence and the God of America's subordination in the Pledge Of Allegiance. This official monetary motto is cause to wave the Christian flag above America's flag.

Further reflection on this issue brings me to believe the Christian flag should have always been waving above the American flag. It has long been the notion of Americans that America has been and still remains a Christian nation. That is not true but for those who believe that they should have no problem seeing the Christian flag waving atop the American flag.

I know many will reject and argue the sentiments stated herein but that does not discourage my earnest desire to speak what I deeply believe to be true. I believe every Christian church would show themselves faithful and true by displaying the Christian flag above the American flag.

Don't forget that our religious freedoms are being stripped from us by our ungodly and anti-Christian government. The day is coming when we'll not be allowed to openly fly the Christian flag. I therefore say let every Christian church publicly show a high flying Christian flag – above the American flag.


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author avatar brendamarie
10th Jul 2015 (#)

All men are united under God!

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author avatar Phil Jellerson
10th Jul 2015 (#)

Brendamarie, Thank you for reading and commenting.

I must now comment on your comment. All men (people) are united in humanity but not necessarily under God.

Only those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior are united as God's children. Read John 1:12

If we were all united under God through true faith in Jesus Christ our world would be much different because people would act Godly.


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author avatar Retired
15th Jul 2015 (#)

What would be the point of alienating all those Americans who are not Christians?

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