The Gift Giving Conundrum: 10 Classy Things That Never Go Out of Fashion

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You can’t really make a mistake with the following ideas – all of them are classic and classics never go out of style.


Getting a gift for someone important is always troubling – and especially so if you plan on paying good money for it. Your mind is probably filled with questions like “What if they don’t like it?” or “What if they can’t return it?”, or something like “What if they don’t want to return it but still don’t like it, and the pricy item stays locked in a drawer collecting dust for all eternity?”

The key to successfully getting the perfect gift lies in research – you need to go through different ideas in order to find the right one for the person in question. Of course, it needs to be appropriate for the occasion.

You can’t really make a mistake with the following ideas – all of them are classic and classics never go out of style.

A Bottle of Perfume

Rich fragrances have always been a symbol of class; only high society people could afford them and that was one of the important things that differed them from the commoners. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore, but perfumes still have a powerful meaning.

However, you need to have its diversity in mind; you should make your selection depending on the type of person. Perfumes can be strong, playful, seductive, or sensitive – or a combination of these things. So, make sure that they are in accordance with the message you’re trying to send.

A Pashmina Scarf

Another item that speaks elegance; scarfs never went out of style and purchasing one for a special gift is a great idea. Pashmina scarves are a special category; they are made out of goat wool. However, you won’t make a mistake if you go with cashmere or silk.


A piece of jewelry is always highly appreciated, but it can be quite challenging to make a decision because there’s so much to choose from. Well, rings have a romantic note, so if you’re in that kind of relationship with someone, you should get one.

Bracelets and necklaces are a safe zone – they are commonly given to friends and family. Of course, there’s an abundance of shapes and materials, but if you go with a classical piece that has a subtle glow, there’s hardly a chance they won’t like it.

A Piece of Art

This one is a bit risky because you need to get the taste right, but if you’ve known the person for a while and you know them to be an art enthusiast, you should definitely go with a piece of art. Like jewelry, art can rarely lose its value, so that lucky person you’re gifting can always replace it or sell it.

A Bottle of Quality Liquor

If someone collects bottles of nice alcohol, chances are you’re familiar with this notion. So, find out what their preference is – brandy, cognac, whiskey, scotch – and get a bottle that’s older than your grandparents. A gift like this is always highly appreciated.

Designer Pieces

Getting someone clothes is always tricky. But, if you’re close to the person and you know them and their taste in fashion very well, you should go for it. If you’re not sure about the size they are wearing, items like designer bags and belts will do the trick.

A Home Clock

This would be the most wonderful home gift you could possibly give to someone, which makes it the perfect idea if someone is moving into a new place and trying to make a home out of it. Other than being a homey present, it’s also a symbol for starting something new.

Wall clocks are a beautiful home ornament – and there’s a nice selection to choose from. They differ in shapes, sizes, types, and inner mechanisms – it’s amazing how many different pieces are necessary for it to function.

A Pair of Cufflinks

It’s a custom in different cultures for the father of the groom to pass on a family heirloom to his soon on his wedding day and, in a lot of cases, it’s in the form of a cufflinks. So, cufflinks are a great gift for weddings, but restrictions are not that harsh. Considering the fact that this gift represents growth, adulthood and seriousness, they are also quite appropriate for significant birthdays.

A Nice Pen

Pens are usually given to scholars after they made an important accomplishment, like earning a degree. Other than being useful, it’s also a nice memory for the person you’re gifting and they will always be reminded of the day when they celebrated an important milestone in their life.

A Handcrafted Tea Set

Whether you’re attending a celebration of an anniversary, a wedding, or if you’re looking for a housewarming gift, a special set of dishes is always a thoughtful idea. For this purpose, a handcrafted tea set is an option, but you can also go with silverware or bowls which are gorgeous ornaments.

Considering the variety in ideas we listed, chances are that you’ll find something perfect for the occasion you’re attending. If finding great gifts isn’t really your thing and you simply can’t make up your mind, my suggestion is to simply ask – if not the person who’s organizing an event, then someone close to them. That way, you’ll know for sure that you have got the right thing.


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