The Genesis Flood: only a Bible myth?

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Many have been told that the early chapters of Genesis are myth. legend or allegory. It is in fact true history. But many cultures and peoples have ancestral stories of a great flood, even though those ancestors had never been exposed to the Bible!

Flood stories and traditions

Morris, in his book, The Genesis Flood, refers to universal flood stories., He says,” scores and even hundreds of such traditions have been found in every part of the world, in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres; and common to most of them is the recollection of the great flood which once covered the earth and destroyed all but a tiny remnant of the human race. Many of them, even among those which have been found among the American Indians, tell of the building of the great ark which saved human and animal seed from total destruction by a flood and which finally landed up on a mountain.” A book published by Sir James George Frazer in 1918 described over 100 flood traditions from Europe, Asia, Australia, the East Indies, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, South America, Central America, North America and East Africa. The author admits the main source of his work was done by a German geographer and anthropologist in a book published in 1891.

Even more...!

On a Christian website, they spoke over 300 flood legends. Among them were Aztec, aborigines, North American Indians, ancient Chinese, Egypt, Peru, Scandinavia, Korea, the Philippines, India, and Malaysia, five from South America, Welsh, Irish, Norse, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Polynesian and Hawaiian. Somewhere it has been stated that just among the North American Indians, there are over 100 flood legends. While often times the details differ drastically from the original Genesis account, these have been passed down for many generations. The astonishing fact is that many of those cultures or people groups who have those legends have never been exposed to the Genesis account of Scripture.
The cultural memories of a world-destroying Flood, obviously altered by centuries of telling and retelling, are powerful, worldwide evidence consistent with the truthfulness of Genesis. They are an exciting reminder of the way in which the true history of the Bible connects with the real world of today.
While many are unaware of these facts, it is abundantly clear that these traditions have been passed down because, in the ancient past, a true, historical event took place that loomed large in the experience and subsequent memories of all our ancient ancestors. THE GENESIS FLOOD WAS A REAL EVENT.


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