The Facebook Baby Adopter Game: Childcare Development Classes in High school

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The article is all about babies, and how to best help them grown into well adjusted happy children.

Teaching Child development Classes in High School

There are many games that can be played on Facebook, and many of the games have benefits while playing them. Some of the games help memory, and may help us challenge ourselves. The Facebook game, “Baby Adopter.” Is a game in my opinion that would be good for teaching teenagers how to care for a new baby that comes into the world?

The game in my opinion could be a great way to help teenagers value the importance of taking care of children. In high schools today teachers have been using eggs to stand for a student’s baby. Some high schools use dolls too. They usually ask their students to take of the baby egg or doll and make sure they are taking care of the baby properly.

The “Baby Adopter”game teaches many things in my opinion.

A few of them are:

*When to feed the baby

*What rooms are needed for baby, and how to make each room helpful for all their needs to be met

*How to choose the right clothe for the baby

*Care for the baby~ that includes picking tasks that help the baby. A few of them are: bathe baby. walk to the park, kiss baby, change diaper, blowing bubbles, reading a book, playing with play- doh, petting cat, and other important things that should be done when taking care for a baby.

*The game helps students learn to pick out toys for their baby so they can be happy being a kid before growing into adulthood.

Taking care of a child is very important, and the needs that follow through their life can be understood more through playing the Facebook game, “Baby Adopter.”

There is another great teaching option by playing this game, and it involves the learning about the use of coins. The coins are used to be built up for the parent to be able to buy things for the baby. Each time an act is finished coins are earned. If the caregiver feeds the baby 10 points are earned, then every time an act is done for the baby that is 10 points. Then, when a certain amount is earned many rooms can be decorated, and important things can be purchased for the baby.

I recommend this game highly for the teaching of young adults when thinking about caring for children. The egg and the doll are still great ways to show teenagers the responsibility of becoming a parent to a new baby.

Learn to take care of children the right way. This game maybe more than just a fun one. It may just teach you more than just a few helpful tips about caring for babies. The earning of coins also helps learn about budgeting in my opinion. Learning what to use those valuable hard earned coins for may just help with learning how to budget.

Now have fun and learn about the care for babies while playing” The Baby Adopter”


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author avatar Carol Roach
6th Feb 2015 (#)

a great course or class for preparation for life

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author avatar Retired
6th Feb 2015 (#)

Youth needs to learn that babies are great responsibility, They do need to be taught about it. Excellent article!

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