The Easter egg, is it all its cracked up to be? its History and story.

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The Easter egg is it all its cracked up to be? We unscramble its history.

The egg connection

In Britain and in many other country's it is a tradition to celebrate the Religious holiday of Easter by eating chocolate eggs, but why?

The connection between the egg and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is at first a strange idea, but a in a lot of the religious celebrations they were adopted from Pagan celebrations

The rebirth of the earth in Pagan celebrations of spring used the egg as a symbol and later it was used as a symbol of the rebirth of man

The Easter games

We do know it has been always a time of celebration and feasting and during these celebrations many games were played.

A lot of the games included eggs, such as rolling eggs down hills; I could never see the fun in that! But some think the rolling of eggs down hills represents the rolling away of the stone in front of the tomb where Christ was buried.

Another game involving eggs was egg tapping, this involved boiling an egg and then one would take it in turns to tap each others egg to try and crack your opponents eggs, a bit like a game we play in Britain with conkers.

Then we have egg decoration pretty well self explanatory that one and many eggs were decorated prior to its use in other games.

Next we have egg pace plays, this was a traditional village play with a rebirth theme; it often involved a fight between a hero and a villain in which the hero was killed but then brought back to life, as ever, good triumphs over evil.

Pace egging time

Egg pace plays at one time were performed all over England but now is only seen in certain parts, the word ‘pace’ comes from the old English word ‘pasch’ literally meaning ‘Easter’. The plays are slowly fading out except in the Calder Valley where it seems to be growing in popularity.

Now Easter has been taken over by the ever growing mad dash to get your money where Easter cards are as much as a ‘must send thing’ as Christmas cards.

The large confectionery companies are making larger and more expensive chocolate eggs to extract our well earned cash.

Although Easter is celebrated around March, April time, it’s not a fixed date holiday it usually varies between March 22 and April 25 but those who wish to part us with our well earned money start to plan it shortly after Christmas.

As for the Easter Bunny, he is the Easter version of Santa Claus bringing gifts to children the night before the big day. He can be traced back to the German fertility goddess Eostre, get it Easter, Eostre

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24th Jul 2010 (#)

Again you have a great article. I love the images you've used:)

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28th Jul 2010 (#)

Glad to learn about the history of the Easter Egg. A Hindu Brahmin otherwise uninformed on this.

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