The Easiest and Sure Way to Fight Sadness and Make Things Better Again

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You may be working in your office full of people or attending a party with lots of friends around. But your heart feels like you are in an empty room – alone and sad. You are smiling but secretly crying on the inside. You are dancing but your heart is motionless and deaf. Nothing seems to be working and cheering you up.

Everyone goes through this

Life seems to be useless and you want to run away. You feel like hating everyone in your path. You are angry, disappointed – and lonely. Everyone goes through this – a bad time and a bad day. So what do you do?

A lot has been written on how to overcome loneliness but recent writings, just to come up with a new one, ended up with steps a bit complicated and too many. So here’s the easiest and fastest way.

Talk to yourself

First, is to tell yourself that you are strong and everything’s okay. And nothing can stop you from moving on. You are in control of yourself.

Take it easy

Then take a deep breath. Refresh yourself with a glass of water. Or go out and take a walk. Now it is time to think. Determine what seems to be wrong and why do you feel so. Look around to relax yourself. Take it easy. Walking will give you some peace and that there is an answer to what’s going on. Tell yourself that you can overcome this sadness.

Cry out

Focus on your problem or to the reason of it all. If you feel like crying – then cry. It will make you better. You feel helpless – so cry. Then take a deep breath again.

Search for the answer

Now it is time to think on what you can do to improve the situation and make things a little better. Will talking to a friend make things better? Can sorting things out give you some peace? What about moving out of your house? Thinking about the possible answers will make you better; give you some peace and in control.

Write it down

Get a piece of paper and a pencil. You can write things down and read it aloud to make you feel much better.


Forgiveness will set you free. Let go of others – forgive. Unforgiveness negatively affects you and not the person. What people did to you may be unforgivable but forgiving will release you from carrying the burden of the wrong they did to you.


Now it is time for you to relax. Do what entertains or comforts you. You can listen to your favorite music or just lie down. Read books and magazines. Go to your favorite beauty parlor or get a massage at your favorite spa. Gear up and play your favorite sports. Visit and go out with friends. These things will relax you. With someone taking care of you and the pampering you are getting in these activities will make you feel really good.

Count your blessings and pray

You can always find a reason to be thankful everyday. There are more things to be thankful. It is just you’re only focusing now on your sad time. Pray to God and be thankful for these things to get you started.

The best friend of all

Your real best friend is yourself. You will be with you forever. So take good care of your best friend – yourself.

One last thing. Remember that happy moments are more felt after the sad moments. Sad times always lead to happier times. When you are at your lowest, there’s no way to go but up. Cheer up!


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author avatar aesoplado
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

I talk to my self too!

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author avatar Denise O
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Love this article.
Just postive and also great info on how to handle everyday life.
I agree in letting your emotions out, not a thing wrong with a good cry.
Let it out, dry the eyes, buck up and move on.
Good job!
Thank you for sharing.:)

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