The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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Get to tell whether or not you are pregnant-the early signs of pregnancy

The early signs of pregnancy

Ideally, a pregnancy test is the best way of confirming pregnancy but there are various symptoms that could indicate pregnancy. As early as two weeks after conception a woman may experience some of these symptoms. Missing a menstrual period is the first clue that one may be pregnant especially in the first trimester. For women who have irregular menstrual cycles, other symptoms that could indicate pregnancy include tender, swollen, and painful breasts. This can be observed mostly in the first two weeks after conception.

Implantation occurs several days after conception and it can cause one of the initial symptoms of pregnancy, which is spotting and oftentimes cramping. It is possible to mistake the cramps for menstrual cramps even though they are often slight. The bleeding may also be accompanied by vaginal discharge caused by the thickening of the vaginal wall after conception.

Another early symptom is the morning sickness experienced from two weeks after conception up to the eighth week. This is usually in the form of nausea and vomiting, which stems from the increased hormonal changes in the woman’s body. These hormonal imbalances may also heighten the woman’s sense of smell making her sensitive to certain odors and cause nausea earlier on in the pregnancy. Apart from food aversions, pregnancy may also cause heightened food cravings and cause unusual feeding habits especially in the first trimester.

Fatigue is also experienced in the early stages of pregnancy. Progesterone levels are usually high and this can drain the woman’s energy leaving her weak and unable to do their normal daily activities. It is also possible to experience low blood pressure, which may contribute to fatigue.

Different women experience pregnancy differently and while these symptoms may be common they could also indicate other conditions. As such, it is essential to take a pregnancy test and learn how to better manage these symptoms.


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