The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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The early signs of pregnancy-you can be a step ahead of your doctor!

The early signs of pregnancy

Forget the usually unreliable pregnancy testing kits you might have used before or the tedious blood pregnancy tests, medical practitioners say there are unique and obvious tell tale signs that manifest themselves early in the pregnancy that should alert you of a possible pregnancy. The following are some early signs of pregnancy.

From the traditionally known morning sickness and late or missed periods to the unexplained food aversions, early signs of pregnancy are as inevitable as tax.

So what constitute this signs and how sure can you be that what you are experiencing is a pregnancy related symptom? A change in the body's way of functioning as it starts preparing a foetus is primarily responsible for these symptoms according to doctors.

The first sure fire sign that you could not be alone is unexplained exhaustion even without having done anything strenuous. The sudden fatigue is as a result of the body reacting to an increase in hormones.

A change in the number of times you visit the bathroom especially at night something you were not used to could be another tell tale sign of a possible pregnancy. This according to Doctors is a result of an overworked bladder as the body keeps producing more fluid at the start of the pregnancy.

Getting easily irritable to things you cant even explain, while also getting sensitive to certain smells also act as signs.

Other signs that are obviously ignored but are actually very telling of a pregnancy will include the woman feeling like her breasts are heavier and her chest starts producing veins. Gasping for breath and constipation are equally loud in telling of a possible pregnancy.

80 percent of women who have exhibited a host of these signs have ended up confirming a pregnancy according to research by doctors. These are some of the early signs of pregnancy


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