The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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Get to know whether you are pregnant or not-and act accordingly

The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy signs usually manifest themselves as early as six days after fertilization. The surest pregnancy sign is a missed period. This sign is noticeable about a fortnight into the pregnancy. However, there are other tell tale signs of the same, as discussed below.

The first early sign of pregnancy is spotting or bleeding as the implantation takes place, this takes place between the sixth and twelfth day after fertilization. This is usually accompanied by cramping as the uterus prepares itself for implantation. However, not all women will notice the spotting.

These signs are followed by hormonal related symptoms such as nausea with or without vomiting, commonly referred to as morning sickness. Over half of pregnant women experience this discomfort, which can last up to or beyond the nineteenth week of the pregnancy. It should be noted that contrary to popular believe, nausea is experienced even in the afternoon among some women. Nausea is accompanied by strong sense of smell, metallic taste in the mouth cravings and aversion of some foods, bloating and even constipation.

Pregnancies also take a toll on the body physically. This is clearly evidenced by the fatigue that sets in within the first two weeks of pregnancy. The indicators are shortness of breath and exhaustion much faster than is normal; even after sleeping the usual amount of hours that would otherwise be adequate. This is at times accompanied by sleepiness during the day and lower back pain. This could last through out throughout the nine months.

There are other symptoms such as tenderness and swelling of the breasts that can be sore and also frequent urination. Ironically, while most early signs mimic impending, onset or ongoing menstruation the surest early sign and most obvious sign of all of pregnancy is the missed period. You should however not make a conclusion that you are pregnant or not. Make sure you take time and visit a qualified and licensed practitioner to give you the correct info. Better yet, purchase a pregnant kit test and go for it!


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