The Dying Ghost

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Spirit communications between Mother and son. I always believed in Tarot , Horoscopes and the dead world. The family members go somewhere. True spirit communications took place when my 33 year old son came through and the gift is amazing. This is a true story of life, afterlife and reincarnation.

The Dying Ghost

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Dying Ghost


Suzanne Herlihy


This is a true story of the soul of my ghost son Timothy Jude La Rosa- Herlihy , (TJ) . It may seem like fiction but it it the truth as it is written here today......

I met my husband Tim through a cousin of his named Shirley Did Pillo. We went to High school together. Three classes in the morning and shop class in the afternoon.

I was invited to go to Shirley's family's house in Frankin township for a B.B.Q.
I saw Tim and he was limping because he had ripped his toenail off from being drunk the night before.
I gave him my flip flops..
After that...
we kept meeting up with each other..
Like some force from the otherside of the Universe was pushing us together.
I walked into a bar for my eighteenth birthday and there was Tim. He was standing so cool at the bar
and pointed at me. He offered to buy me a drink but I was with my father , so I just decided to leave .

Shirley had just given birth to her son Jeffery and that put ideas into my head about
wanting a baby! I watched as Alex was putting together a crib and I wanted to know how to put one together for when I had a child.

My parents had gotten divorced. I was living with my father. He was about to move to California. I asked if I could live with my mother and she said , "No!"...She had her reasons. I didn't want to live with Tim. We weren't ready. We were having fun drinking and dating. Not ready for the next step and live together.

Summer was over and I had no place to live. Tim had a one bedroom apartment. A livingroom and small kitchen. It was three Hundred dollars a month and all utilities included.
I got pregnant right away. I was almost four months pregnant and I didn't see a doctor. I thought I had time. I started bleeding. As my Boyfriend Tim was getting the car..., I started hitting my stomach! Don't ask me why?! I knew the baby was dying. Self preservation?! Fear?! My first time being pregnant , I didn't know what was going on?! For whatever reason.., I was losing the baby.
Tim called his mother and said that I had a dying baby inside of me. We drove to the doctor and they said that once bleeding starts there's nothing that can be done. We didn't go back to the apartment. We went back to his mother's house. That night was a nightmare. Blood clots and pain like I had never known before.

There was a Medical Center across the street.
Tim's Mom had something for him to do that morning , like drive his sister to work. Anything to shield him from having to deal with this. His mother than walked with me across the street and The doctor removed the fetus.
I kept shouting.., " Let me see it? Let me see it?!"

But as he held the tiny fetus close to himself..he looked at me and walked out. I never got to see my first baby. Everyone always said that we could have other children. Like his soul was going to come back to us and be replaced or something.

Five years had past and I still wanted a baby.
I was having trouble getting pregnant. I had fertility shots every month and still nothing happened.
It was March of 1988 when I had gotten pregnant with my daughter!
She was full term and a perfect daughter and pregnancy. No problems at all. So happy.
Today she is bright and beautiful and Brilliant.

After My daughter was born ,
I didn't have my periods for two years. I wasn't complaining.
Somehow ,
I had gotten pregnant again and I didn't know it!
We had gone camping . I was lifting twenty five pound water coolers and sleeping on benches.
When I was laying flat down on the bench.., I felt my baby move from one side of my stomach to the other!
Yeah. Weird. I got back home and went to see the doctor and she confirmed that I was indeed pregnant.

She could tell that he was a boy from the heartbeat.
The rest of the pregnancy was bad! Very bad.
I had trouble with my heart. It pounded every minute. I told everyone that if my heart gives out to make sure that the baby lives!

Doctors could not understand why my heartbeat was over 250 beats a minute. Heart failure was my guess.
If I had to describe it? It's like being in the ocean and being hit by wave after wave.
My sons was born premature at seven weeks early. He was so tiny.
I'm shocked to this day that we both survived it. He was born through a C-section.

Years past and I thought about the first baby that I had lost.
I always believed in Zodiac signs, horoscopes and a Higher source. Being Tortured in Catholic school ,I was a loner. Shy. I really didn't go out much and I became agoraphobic. More and more housebound.

We moved several times. I never believed as apartments as a real home. I was looking for a real home for my kids and myself.
Nothing ghost-like or paranormal ever really happened except that when someone died , I would dream about them. I bought Tarot cards and would sometimes see images while doing the Tarot cards . I decided to read for other people .

It wasn't until we moved to Lakewood , NJ that a strange thing happened?!
My daughter had the loft bedroom and she said that a white ball of light came into the bedroom!
It bounced off a stuffed angel hanging from the ceiling . It made the cat puff out!
She didn't want the stuffed angel in her room anymore.

We then moved to Roosevelt , NJ into a three bedroom house.
I was a stay at home Mom and loved to watch True Blood Vampire series. The house was falling apart because the landlord was a slumlord. We tried to make it a home.
Then I decided to write a vampire series of my own. I could feel that it was coming from a higher source. It was special. I could feel it.
I would hear foot steps in my son's room upstairs. Sometimes someone would say , "Ma." And I would look downstairs and see nobody! I had such a fear of being homeless because the house was falling apart and ended up being Condemned.

We had been given an RV by a wonderful woman . I sat in the cold and dark in That RV and my husband and I would play Scrabble every night to forget our troubles.
I pulled out a handful of letters and they actually made sense!
They spelled, " Your fault. Hit me Mother."

I got chills!
I knew it was a message from my first baby.
I never knew that fetus babies grew up in the dead world?!
But the more I researched it that a baby's brain is the first to develop.
Timothy Jude La Rosa- Herlihy.., My ghost son was about thirty years old and I saw him in a dream.
He had short hair and my husband's mouth and smile.
He was about to show me his world ..., the world of the dead.

He told me that he was a China angel figurine that I had kept in the bathroom for ten years. A simple gold and white angel five inch statue that was above the sink. An ordinary item that was from a dollar store but he was stuck in the object. I always heard that spirits get stuck or attached to objects. I held the angel figurine. I held it for a long time. Days , weeks in fact. I was holding something solid that contained my baby TJ.

I used the Black bag of Scrabble letters to communicate with my son. He told me that he would get very tired and to keep readings short and sweet. He loved to sleep a lot. I was told to forget everything I learned in Catholic school. In fact , I took my Jesus figurine off of the cross that I had because he didn't need to be nailed on a cross and it's a terrible image of him nailed to it.

TJ described his world to be a layer of an onion and walking from a used egg shell to another part of Earth but there was no heaven. My cousin died and he said that he was disappointed that there was no heaven.
Jesus is a holy man and there is a God. A supreme being but this was the information that I was getting.

Spirits love to sleep and watch TV. Listen to music . They feed off people .
Since this whole thing had started...

I had one thing in mind..,
To have my ghost son TJ to be reborn/reincarnated through my son Timmy. He's twenty three now. His girlfriend is named Tabetha.

I had that in mind but my ghost son didn't want to do it. The only world he had known was the dead world. His biggest fear was to be born. He was raised by my dead father-in-law and had gotten used to the dead world. They explained to me that when a ghost is ready to be born .., that it's like someone dying in their world.

TJ wanted to sleep all the time like an old man. He was feeling more and more of what I was feeling, eating , smelling and tasting.
Yes. I would eat a ham sandwich or milk or drink box and my TJ could taste it. Here is a fetus baby that
has never taken a breath or eaten but he was tasting my food. I have a plantars wart on my foot and he was feeling my pain in my foot and fevers. He and I figured out that we are EMPATHS. we feel and connect in everything that we do.

And still with this gift.., he still didn't want to be born and came up with some pretty crazy stories to avoid being born...I had to smash the angel figurine to set TJ spirit free .


I was told by some spirits that I was Sarah Good of Salem. My TJ son and I are Empath Witches and with this gift
TJ will be reincarnated into this family .., where he belongs and has waited over thirty years to come back to us.


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I'm a wife and mother of 35 years. I wrote 90+ episodes of a vampire/zombie series with my son TJ. I'm trying to pitch them to TV stations and producers. I do tarot readings and give angel messages.

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