The Disadvantages of Living or Working at a Tourist Destination

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I work in a shop located in a popular tourist destination, people come from all over, and generally it can be quite fun, but there are draw backs with working at a Tourist Destination.

Angry People

Some people, granted they are a minority, get upset when their trip is not going as planned or imagined, and seem to take it out on area employees. One year we had an extreme drought and were thrilled when we got 2 days of rain (it is a big farming area and farmers suffer huge losses in drought times), however tourists who where there for those two days did nothing but complain about the weather.

People are unforgiving if the area does not have the amenities they thought it would. To this end when I worked at a hotel I often had people complain that we had no pool and were not on the lake as they had thought when making the booking.

Long Work Hours in the Best Weather

One of the biggest draw backs is that typically when you work in the tourist industry you are working primarily when the weather is most enjoyable. Where I work my hours nearly double in the summer but are slashed in the winter, making budgeting tough but also meaning I miss out on enjoying much of the good weather. Typically it is harder to staff businesses in the prime season as many people go away on holidays!

This summer, for example, my wife and I were only able to get 2 days off together during the summer to take a small trip.

Cost of Living and Finding Accommodations

Typically if you work in a tourist destination you live nearby too. This has many implications, including cost of housing, or rent (accommodations for staff can be very hard to find in the prime seasons). As well my road is very busy in the summer with people driving to and from a nearby camp ground.

When I go to the local grocery store during the prime tourist season the line ups are extreme. The main problem, however, is that some tourists do not respect the fact that this is not their home. They litter, set off fireworks at all hours, and let their dogs poop anywhere.

Summary and Links

Over all I enjoy working where I do and dealing with the tourists, most are in a good mood and I try to treat them as though this were their only holiday, making sure they have a good time. I realize that without tourists my job would not be as busy in the summer, and therefore my wages would be less. I just want people to be aware of these considerations when thinking about living or working in a touristy area.


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author avatar Denise O
28th Aug 2010 (#)

Well written Mark. I bet you do get a lot of people complaining. You would think, it being a vacation and all, no matter if it rained or not, they would still enjoy the time off...or at least understand, this is not your doing.

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author avatar MaryAnneSimpson
4th Sep 2010 (#)

It's the same all over isn't Mark. thanks for the comment on the mountain pine bark beetle.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
4th Jun 2011 (#)

I was in Bali - Indonesia when there was a peak season. Tourists sometimes irritate local community, but without tourists there will be no work for local people. Need more patience. Thanks, Mark.

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