The Devil stood on top of a snow swept mountain high above the earth

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Satan's plans and vision for all mankind that live under the sun...

The Devil stood on top of a snow swept mountain high above the earth

Luciah stood on top of a snow swept mountain high above the earth. The snow fell heavily with large copious lazy flakes. He looked over the expansive horizon basking in the beautiful scenery below him. The snow fell onto his hair, creating a thick cap of sticky whiteness. He promised himself he would not die, and by any means necessary he would negate his death sentence and stand victorious in the end. Though The One could read his mind, he was still powerless over the love he felt for the souls possessing these incredibly prideful pitiful humans infesting this fallen world.
Mankind were intellectual toddlers wanting to pet the lion, thinking it would free them from the rules of morality. They exhibited spiritual temper tantrums, thinking they were finally masters of their souls and captains of their final tomorrow. He would wholly seduce them because mankind believed morality, melding, and brotherhood was a just another personal choice. Luciah knew melding was the bedrock path to salvation; any other design was a clear-cut path to death. Mankind absolutely belonged to The One whether they acknowledged it or not, that was an unacceptable heavy kick in the pride of man. Their pride only waned at deaths door, when man's fragility boiled to the surface, and the desires of something more intensified.
Luciah knew their good health was a curse he could utilize for denying their final tomorrows, where the real reality started. But by then it was often too late. Mankind was deceived into feeling sympathy for evil by proxy by rejecting the brotherhood and morality that were the foundations of life. They would follow him into the very bowels of death with eyes wide open, living their secular lives with false impunity, shaking their fists at The One's precepts and making repeated implausible excuses for their behavior. The ability to minimize tomorrow was every soul's weakness. Mankind was unable to banish his tomorrows, his fear of death or intrinsic helplessness; yet they refused to alter their behavior to the paths of conscience and eternal life. They never realized the secular freedoms they fondly caressed would turn into a monster that would destroy them someday. They would gnash their teeth anew in front of The One they had sadly forgotten because of the flesh.
Lucifer laughed sardonically; as he moved the snow fell to his shoulders. He remembered his first meeting with Aarel; it seemed so long ago. He smiled widely feeling suddenly alive; he had forgotten how good it was to be simply alive. Luciah ruminated on his successes in the war against the numbers, The One, and the useless fragile human pawns.
The flood and the changing of the languages was only a temporary setback creating the hated nations of self-rule. He knew his children would rule the world again. Luciah would preen the vanity of his children by giving them false elitism, elevated status, massive riches, and intoxicating power.
Luciah laughed. Even his children were fools, giving up eternal life for a few meaningless decades of vanity in a holographic construct that wasn't even real. Luciah smiled for his children remained incredibly loyal, unlike the disobedient children of The One. The third World Order would be successful; the whole world would worship him de facto, as all religions would unify in preparation of his glorious coming.
Mankind's insane character defects allowed them to care less about the strangers around them, and viciously subjugate and enslave their women without guilt or compassion. Mankind refused to recognize the blinding obvious; their own kind was more than related - they were spiritual children of The One. Luciah planned systems to entice man to dismiss their own kind as less than meaningless, while elevating nature and giving preeminence to beasts. And mankind never believed the Devil really existed despite his suffocating presence. Luciah was amazed all the evil he sowed could be so easily twisted and blamed on The One.
Luciah's art of deception was finely honed. By mankind's dark desires, he enticed them to surrender to death. Luciah knew mankind believed they were secretly moral and good because they worked, lived their lives, raised children, and were productive, trying not hurt anyone. They did not accept that within the bag of waters of the flesh, all were destined for devastating failure because the war zone was in the mind and not in their environment - despite Luciah's manufactured appearances to the contrary. Luciah had such as these by proxy, for they denied their own shortcomings, proudly constructing their own morality and reality.
They were spiritually autistic, a million miles from brotherhood, bristling at anything spiritually true, and unable to relate to their Father-Creator. Luciah fanned weaknesses to make legitimate desires and instincts into illegitimate spiritual suicide. It was the hook leading directly to Hades. Because no man would bite the bare hook of damnation, Luciah covered the hook with desires and lust. And man swarmed around death like minnows, fighting each other for the very first bite.
Luciah planned to engineer adults to act like children for children operate exclusively on feelings. Luciah knew mature adults operate on will, civility, law and responsibility. His children would force the world to operate on feelings, desires and offense, elevating the emotions and sensations higher than logic, truth, or reasoning. In this worldview, there was no sin: just consenting adults, personal choices, and individual truths. He planned to deflect the truth of origin, history, and the mankind's responsibility to his Creator. Therefore, he would make all religions regardless of their beliefs to attack and vilify those belonging to The One. Luciah hoped to blind man from knowing truth. For if, the absurdity of many truths existed, then mankind's spirituality was a flimsy reed shaking in the wind. Any wind of societal change would affect the reed without effort for they were already conditioned to believe anything, even something blatantly contradictory as a human fetus is not human life.
Luciah planned legalization of murder, slavery, prostitution, suicide, and ungodly political systems. He knew anything legal man would accept, no matter how repugnant, evil, or nefarious. He would force man to think of this fishbowl universe in absolute secular terms. His enemies would be family, truth, morals, law-abiding citizenry, purpose of life, autarky, and individual prosperity and responsibility.
And high above the earth on the snow swept mountain Luciah rededicated his life to destroy all morality, to create blinding lawlessness, governable anarchy, and send all men, the good and the bad to Hades. He smiled widely feeling better as the wind whipped up furiously around him. He laughed; it was a belly laugh full of hope and renewed purpose. For the first time since he could remember, he was actually happy. He would destroy the Goyim who had no right to land or livelihood and rule the minds of all mankind.
Luciah transported to his craft to discuss his new plans with his Illuminated Elite as they traveled to The Gathering.
The falling snow in the high atmosphere suddenly whirled and imploded into a spectacular starburst pattern a half-mile wide, reacting to the dimensional fracture formed by the departing vehicle, as Luciah's uncontrollable loud laughter echoed thunderously inside the craft.

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This could be a movie. Great read.

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