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A tale of child abuse is a true story lived back in 1992. At the time it was a scary moment that I wish to share to give hope.

My Friend

My friend stayed with me for a few days. She arranged for her husband to take care of their kids, while she helped me get through the first few days. After everyone left, I went in my bedroom and cried my heart out. She took care of dinner, the kids, and me. I had lost all my strength.

In the meantime, my husband sat in jail fearing for his life. Other inmates found out he was there for child abuse and had threatened him. He was placed in isolation. I almost felt sorry for him. However, I would think of his fury and I could no longer feel sorry for him. At his arraignment, the court decided to release him to the care of our pastor. Our pastor found a place for him to stay and arranged for his counseling. He was formally charged with Aggravated Child Abuse and if found guilty, he would face time in prison.

One of the conditions of the children not being removed the first day was that my husband would not be allowed back in the home. If I ever allowed him in the home, the children would be removed without any further questions. I was not about to let that happen. It did not matter that it meant the end of the marriage. The children were the main priority and concern.

When the court day arrived, I dressed the kids and headed there. When we arrived, I saw my husband standing in the lobby speaking to a woman. It turned out that the church had hired a lawyer to represent the family in the case of neglect. Even though the social worker had agreed to leave the children with me, she did file a motion to have the children removed and still charge me with neglect.

I walked over and spoke to the attorney. She explained the proceedings and said that she would be asking the court for the charges of neglect against me to be dropped. We were standing in the lobby, when I saw my pastor and his wife arrive in court. They came over to me and said they were there to show support for our family. I was so happy to see them there. It meant a lot to me that we would not be alone during the proceedings.


What happened next took me by total surprise. I walked into the courtroom with the kids and I saw that it was filled with a few hundred people. I felt intimidated by the amount of persons that were present. I figured there were a lot of cases like mine present. As I started walking through the courtroom, I heard my named called out by someone already seated. I looked over and could not believe my eyes.

The seats to the right of me were filled with church members. They all had come to the hearing to show their support. I did not count how many, but I would say at least 100 of them were present. I did all I could to hold my tears back. As I walked the length of the courtroom, I saw them wave, smile, and wink at me. I was overwhelmed with joy.

The kids and I made it to the front of the courtroom and took our places. I was so thankful for the presence of my church family. I paused and thanked God. He had brought many to be by our side that day. I felt as if he had sent his angels to let us know he was among us. I remember feeling my hairs raise as I prayed and thanked him.

Shortly after, our case was called to the front. The social worker presented her case. She petitioned for the removal of the children at the conclusion of the hearing. She insisted on the charge of neglect against me, and my husband. She added that visitation with the children would be supervised two hours a week. My heart dropped when I heard her talking. I felt like a criminal.

Next, it was our turn. We were called to the front. I left the kids in their seats with one of my friends. My husband, our lawyer, and I stood in front of the judge. Our lawyer started presenting our case. The judge listened carefully. He then asked us a few questions. Our attorney asked the judge to drop the charges of neglect against me, that the children remained in the home, and that my husband would stay away from the home.

When the judge asked, if there was anyone that could speak on our behalf, I told him yes. The judge addressed the court and asked if anyone would like to come forward. Every member of the church stood up at once. The judge’s face looked surprised. He asked if all were there for my family, and the loud yes from all in unison rumbled through the court.


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