The Day The Police Was Called: A Tale of Child Abuse - 2

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A tale of child abuse is a true story lived back in 1992. At the time it was a scary moment that I wish to share to give hope.


Soon after the police finished interrogating us, I took a good look at my son’s injuries. I tried my best to hold my tears. He had holes on the back of his knee that seemed as large as the craters on the moon. His leg was swollen to twice its regular size. He could barely walk, nor move without pain. His eyes looked as sad as those of a widow in mourning. My heart broke in half. I could not bear the sight of his injuries, both physical and emotional.

This was the first time my husband had shown such an outrage towards the children. It was also his last. For the last few years, the rage was always against me. I was his punching bag. I had dealt with it. I thought that he would get better, that he would change, and that he would be a good husband.

Had I known this would happen; I would have never stayed with him. I guess as a victim of domestic violence, I was subdued into the submissive role. I thought that if I was a good wife, he would want to be better. In the end, his drug addiction won the battle.

As I came back from my thoughts, I realized a social worked had showed up at the house. The social worker proceeded to tell me that she was removing the kids from the home due to the violent incident. She felt that I did nothing to protect the kids and was charging me with child neglect. I was overwhelmed and could not think. All my thoughts were paralyzed the second I heard her words. I felt my friends hand take mine and she said not to worry that it would all be fine.

I started going crazy inside my mind. I could not bear the thought of losing the children. I did not do anything wrong. Why am I being punished for the behavior of my husband? The children had enough already to deal with. What is going to happen? The thoughts were running through my head at hundreds of miles per hour. I could not stop them. This was too much to handle. I thought I was about to lose my mind.

Social Worker

I saw the social worker talking to the pastor, his wife, other church members, and later my friends. It seemed like minutes had turned into hours while she was interviewing them. I have no idea what they were talking about and the suspense was killing me. I sat on the couch with the kids trying to fake a smile so the kids could see peace in me. I thought it would help them relax.

The kids were huddling around me. I had the baby and the youngest sitting on my lap, my boys to one side, and my oldest to the other. They were all tucked into my sides as if afraid to let go. I could feel their tension, fear, and horror in their voices.

Finally, the social worker was finished interviewing the others. She approached me and stated she needed to speak to the children one at a time without my presence. She asked my oldest daughter to go first. She did not want to let go of me. She clamped up to my side and would not let go. My friend calmed her down and eased her into going with the social worker. The boys looked at me. I could see they were scared that their sister was being taken away. I assured them she would be back in a few minutes.

The long interrogations were getting to me. The uncertainty of the future of my kids was just mind-boggling. I have no idea how I kept my sanity for the next hour as each child was taken away for a while then brought back. Even the baby was taken away. I did not realize that the paramedics were evaluating the kids for visible bruises, scars, or bumps. In addition, there were being questioned by the social worker and police officer. I found out later what they had been through.

My oldest daughter finally told me what happened. I found out just a couple of months ago. I think that is what has brought that day into my vivid memories. I have recalled details of that day that I had fought so hard to forget. She said that they were stripped down to check their whole body for marks or hidden bruises. She says she felt so ashamed. I felt so sad to find out this hidden detail.

After what seemed forever, the children were done. The Social Worker approached me and informed that she would allow the children to remain with me, until the court hearing. She explained that the Department of Children and Families would have a court hearing to determine the safety of the children. She explained that at that hearing, the judge could still place an order to remove the children from the home.


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