The Day The Police Was Called: A Tale of Child Abuse – The Conclusion

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A tale of child abuse is a true story lived back in 1992. At the time it was a scary moment that I wish to share to give hope

Endless Support

The judge looked at them and said that in all his years in the bench, he had never had so many persons show up to support any of the families that had been in his court. He thanked them and asked them to sit down.

He then turned to the social worker and asked her to stand. He no longer looked very happy. With a stern face, he told the social worker that it was obvious that she did not do her job. He ordered her to drop the charges against me, and stated that he was not about to remove any child from a home that has such a strong bond with the community, church, and family. He said, she should be embarrassed for putting our family through such traumatic experience in addition to the nightmare we had endured.

He ordered my husband to never be around us. He ordered protective services for the children, a different caseworker, daycare services, and for the department to provide any assistance necessary to ensure our continued subsistence.

The court appointed a Guardian-at-litem to ensure the department followed through and that we were well taken care of. The Guardian-at-litem, I found out, is the ears of the court. They are a neutral bystander that does not work for anyone but the judge.

The judge took a special interest in our case, and followed up with us for the next three years. We were assigned a new caseworker, who became our friend. She visited us whenever she wanted to. As a protective services family, our home had to be open for a visit at any time without announcement. For three years, she saw our struggles, our triumphs, our growth, and the happiness existent in our humble home.

Of the children, none had bruises, marks, or any type of abuse, only the one boy. It took one time for one of my kids to be abused to end a marriage and become a single mother. The younger three, do not have any recollection of that day. My oldest daughter and my oldest son have never forgotten. The children and I attended parenting classes, psychological treatment, and counseling in order to cope.

The physical scars disappeared with time. The emotional damage lingers within. A single threat to my well-being, a loud yell, a sharp sound, a thunder, a roar, or any noise that makes me jump, brings the flashbacks of that day front and center.

My mind has never escaped the horrors of that day. However, I learned a lot about family, church family, friends, and most of all God. I learned that leaning into his understanding in moments of sorrow, pain, and sadness, help us get through the hardest situations presented. I learned that above all, he is our justice; he speaks on our behalf, and can take the justice system and make it see his power.

I believe that, the presence of the church members showed how magnificent God is. Because of his magnificence, a social workers intention to create havoc in our family was dismissed without a thought. There were no more court dates after that one. God finished it before it begun. He is the justice system of the Christian family.


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22nd Aug 2014 (#)

So sorry you had to experience this. Prayers to you for feeling better, perhaps forgiving, and for sure forgetting.

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author avatar Charlee Felice
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

It has been so long ago that I could write about it. Was a horrible yet loving at the same time.

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