The Bond Between Children and pets

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Do you have a special animal in your life? The bond of a pony and his Little girl. The bond between those two is incredible.

Butter cup and Jacey

Do you have a special animal in your life? Is there an animal that you can't imagine not being in your life? My daughter Jacey, loves her pony Buttercup. The bond between those two is incredible.
Jacey is a five year old blonde bombshell, short for her age, but lots of attitude. She loves all animals and has even been known to bark at the UPS man with the dogs. However, when it comes to her Miniature Horse, Buttercup, she thinks he hung the moon. Buttercup is a wonderful little guy, the world's best pony in our eyes. He loves his little girl with all his heart.
Jacey can walk out in the pasture and catch Buttercup with a piece of twine, then lead him back to the house, all by herself. She can pick up all of his feet and inspect them while he stands there patiently. When she puts a halter on him he eagerly shoves his nose into the fuzzy pink yarn covered nose piece. He enjoys her hugs and kisses, and gently gives them back to her.
When they are together you can see the love flowing between them. As Jacey gently cups his chin in her small hand and brings his soft nose to her lips, buttercup will close his eyes and enjoy every minute of the tender love between them. When she hugs his neck he lays his head across her back in a return hug. She breathes in his smell and they look like they belong together, forever.
Whenever Jacey leaves our house to go on a trip she tells me, "Mom, please don't sell my pony." If I ask her why I would sell him she replies with, "Because he is the best pony in the world." I have to laugh and explain to her that is why I would never sell him.
We own a farm, so she understands that most animals that come here are at some point going to leave. What she doesn't understand is that when you find that special animal, your heart yearns to be with every minute, you can't just get rid of it. Butter cup is the pony that is going to teach her many things in life, he will be with us until it is his time to leave this earth.
Some day I hope she can find an animal like Buttercup for her children to love, because everybody deserves to have that kind of loving bond in their life. Something they can talk to, cry with, and tell all their problems to when nobody else understands. That animal will always be their friend no matter if they forget about them for awhile when they go to school, go on vacation without them, or find new friends later.
No matter what happens in life that animal with that bond will always love their person and will always be in their heart. The memories that animal creates with its person is so special, and helps them build those bonds later in life with others. Learning to trust and love and be there for someone else are the best things a child can learn in life.


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