The Bad Path

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Why are their friends who always follow the wrong friends. I think it would be due to the fact they try to act cool in front of everyone

The Bad Path

One day there was this kid who was taught to be a well behaved kid. He used to talk to his elders with respect and whenever they wanted something from the room, he would go offer to get it for them as some where his grandparents they can't hardly walk anymore. He used to greet everyone whenever they used to come over on parties or just to visit. Everyone used to say what a respectful kid that everyone loved.

Recently, when he went to high school, he met these friends dressed in black, almost baggy, pants with a white long shirt that went down their pants. As days went by, he became to be friends with them a lot. He would hear about how other friends they used to hang out with were killed. They mentioned those friends were shot by enemies or other gang related problems. I guess the kid did not care because everyday he would still hang out with them, in school, lunch, after school, and weekends.

One day when he was hanging with these friends for a while, those guys thought that it was okay to tell him about their crew and how they used to tag, other words for graffiti, their initial crew names on billboards, walls, and houses. He thought it was cool and offered to be in it. He said yes at his first decision, without thinking twice.

After being officially in it, he was told like at 7 or 8pm, they were going to tag up a wall near the school. He went without telling his parents and took some cigarettes that he bought in a liquor store. When his parents found out, they would call his phone but he would not answer them as he knew it was his parents. The parents call the cops and they out to hunt him

A few hours later, about 11pm, they found him with the friends in the school, inside the school. Everyone ran when they saw the police including the kid but he was able to get caught by the police. He didn't know how to jump fences or to avoid cops as he didn't really have experience or knew what it took to become a friend like those guys. He was taken to his parents and was punished. At about 3am his friends called him to hang out with him and the kid snuck out and came like at 6am before his parents even knew. The kid and his friends went to having a plain crew who just tag their initials to being in a gang.

When he was out, all he ever focused is to fight and start fights with people to see if he had what it took to be in a gang. He would start one on one fist fights and a gang of group where he would help his friends. He would run from cops and would every now and then, get caught by the cops.

One day, the kid was already taught how his friends dressed and how they talk. When he met his family when they went to visit, they wanted to say hi to him but literally ignored them. He would curse in front of them and he didn't care. Whenever his grandparents needed something, they asked politely to the kids but he answered, "don't you have legs to get it yourself, (with a curse word)." Everyone started to talk behind his back.

The following day, he wanted to impressed his friends so when some guys came out showing their gang signs, the kid did the same but he throw out their gang signs in front of his friends "want to get down?" His friends screamed out, "what are you doing!!??" and ran. The other gang members got a gun out and started shooting, everyone escaped except the kid who dropped on the floor.

His parents started crying and regret how they would teach him about the wrong and the right friends. His funerals where surrounded by the people he cared and after the family who found out how disrespectful he was found out that it was that he was mislead, so they all decided to go and still mentioned how great of a kid he was. The kid was only 16.

I can only say, this was my cousin I was referring to.

That is why we should never hang out with those people. I remembered me hanging with these friends and also knew how other friends were killed by enemies and I started backing up from them and told them that I would be busy when it came to them wanted me to hangout with them.

Never be mislead by these people as there will go your life. These friends are never great to hang out with. There are other friends who are also well behaved, even outside of their house. These friends should be the ones to hangout with.


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