The Art of Self-Entertainment

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4 activities that can be done alone. Look forward to the times you have to spend with yourself.

4 Activities I do to Enjoy my Time Alone

When I am alone, I do not have to compromise, share, or please anyone. I get to enjoy time reading and writing, watching TV shows or movies, cooking what I like and shopping by myself.

Every person enjoys entertainment differently. There are those that like to surround themselves with friends or family, and there are those that like to be alone. While I was raising my children, alone time was practically non-existent. Now that I am older, although I enjoy the occasional gathering, I much prefer and enjoy my time of solitude.

It was not easy at first, I was used to the chaos and constant company of family, but at some point, I realized that I needed to learn the art of self-entertainment.

I do not get bored or lonely anymore, on the contrary, I look forward to the times that there is no one around, the times where there is no sound but just the sound of my thoughts.

During my alone time, I do not have to compromise, share, or please anyone else. During quiet times, I get to enjoy reading and writing, watching TV shows or movies of my choice, cooking what I like for just me, and shopping by myself. There are other things I do to self-entertain, but these 4 activities top my list.

Reading and Writing

Times of solitude open my schedule to read. I like to read. When I am alone and feel like reading, I search the internet for good stories. I browse until I find an interesting topic and I dig right in. It can be as short as a headline, or up to a full-length book. I let one topic lead me through until I find a good read.

During alone time, I enjoy writing. I have a few particular themes I like to write about. Parenting, relationships, heartache, inspirational, and some women oriented issues. I sort through my mind, pick a topic, and then I write. Without distractions or interruptions, I spend endless hours writing without realizing time has gone by.

Watching TV Shows or Movies

When it is just me, I get to decide what shows or movies to watch. I do not need to compromise. Yes, it is what I call "my selfish, me, me, me" time. If I want to watch a girly movie that makes me cry, who cares? I look forward to my alone TV time. During this time, I even get to catch up on old episodes I may have missed. A benefit of watching TV alone is that not only do I get to pick what to watch, but also I get the popcorn to myself. Isn't it great? Yes!

Cooking What I Like

Spending time with myself has other great benefits. I can cook the food that I like the way that I like it. I do not need to worry about someone saying, "You did not add enough salt, or instead of potatoes make pasta." I spend time looking for recipes and prepare them to my liking. I do not have to worry that it does not please anyone else.

Shopping by Myself

Shopping by myself is a form of therapy. I walk the aisles at the supermarket, take my time looking for just the right items, and no one is rushing me. I do the same at the retail stores. I call it "window shopping.” I look at the different departments and browse through the aisles without a care in the world.

My daughter told me one time, "Mom, you are the only person I know that can spend hours at a store and come out with just one item." She is right. If something catches my eye, then I may purchase it. When I go shopping alone, I take the time to absorb my surroundings, enjoy the view, and I get acquainted with the latest fashions and trends. When I shop alone, I go for the experience and personal enjoyment.

Mastering the art of self-entertainment has done wonders to my self-esteem, and self-worth

It has contributed to the development of my individualism. I do not feel a need to surround myself with others in order to feel entertained. I understand that not everyone likes “alone time,” but if you find yourself in this position, try some of these activities, and see if they help. My only warning is that you may find out that you enjoy it as much as I do, and may become a master in the art of self-entertainment.


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7th Aug 2014 (#)

I believe that in the context of having some time alone it is OK to be selfish. We all should take a bit of time daily to reconnect with ourselves and do the things we love to do.

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author avatar Charlee Felice
7th Aug 2014 (#)

absolutely, wink :)

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