The Anatomy of a Fangirl: Fangirl Problems

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Were you a fangirl once in your life or are you a parent wondering what all the fuss is about? Get to know a bit about your fangirl and why we worry about tickets,band shirts and other merchandizes.

Fangirl Problems

It's hard when you are a fangirl and you live continents away from your favorite artists and bands.

  • Waiting for a (world) tour

  • You are lucky if your favorite band or group lives in the same state as you. There will be lots of chances for you to see them perform live. If not, it is either you travel to the venue or wait for them to tour and come to your state. I always have to wait for a world tour in order to see them perform live. On the premise, of course, that they include my country among the places that they will go. Most of the time, I have to content myself watching videos of their performances from the other fans and if they do a livestream of their show.

  • Tickets

  • Once a show has been announced in a venue near you, another issue will be getting tickets. Smaller venues usually charge around $10 but it can go higher depending on who the artist is/are. For us who needs to wait for a world tour, getting tickets can be hard. The prices of concert ticket for international acts are high. It pains me when one of my favorite artists finally comes and I don’t have enough money to spare for a ticket.

  • Timezones

  • We also have to adjust to their timezone which is hard especially when they go on a tour. If you follow them on social media you have to know the time difference in order to catch them online.

  • Merchandize

  • There is always a new merchandize to buy. For the avid collector, this can range from magazine covers, band shirts to posters.

The list sounds stupid to worry about and we do know that there are also other things to think about. But the main dream of a fangirl is to meet her favorite band or group and feel a certain degree of connection with them. So if your daughter or niece is a fangirl, I hope you took note of gift ideas that they would surely like – concert tickets and merchandize.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Never been for a concert in my life apart from being a performer and friends with someone special who was performing. There is nothing like buying memorabilia though.
I am not a groupie btw. But my friend and their family are my mentors. I am an artist too.

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author avatar Althea
21st Jul 2015 (#)

I am not a groupie too. I am just a fan.

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author avatar peachpurple
25th Jul 2015 (#)

Its a good thing that my girl isn't the fan type otherwise i would had gone bankrupt

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