The American Family with Two and Half Children

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Many times a family find that they have two children along with their parent to watch over and protect. The grandparent an adult but perhaps suffers from health problems and dementia which makes the head of the family feel like 1/2 a child is with them still. Therefore as predicted a family with two and 1/2 children exists in their world.

Today the Average Family has two and half children

Average American Family consists of two and half children. How do you get the half child? Who really is the half child? All about Grandparents!

The average American Family consists of husband, wife and two ½ children. It was predicted by scholars that in the future because of the population explosion that most families are considering having only one child but known today that two and a half children make up the average family.

The present time the ideal family is father and mother with the two and ½ children. I have often pondered how one could have just half a child. King Solomon in his wisdom suggested dividing the baby into two equal parts so that each mother could have half of the child. I thought that maybe the ideal half child would be an adopted child living in another country supported but not kept in the household. Perhaps, some of you have a theory about the half a child each family is supposedly maintaining in order to be the ideal American Family. Then suddenly one day I became a grandmother of age with many different sicknesses and I realized who this half child is. I am sure you will not be surprised as I describe the half child and perhaps you too already have your half child.

Traits of a Half Child

Normally the half child reverts to the old customs and demands more respect than anyone else in the family does. The half child needs constant attention and special love and care. The half child is one that has much wisdom and demands that you pay heed. The half child loves everyone providing special treats with hugs and kisses. Small children and even grandchildren of the teen years respect the half child and usually obey. Mom and dad find themselves besides themselves at times trying to figure out how to deal with their half child. Mom and dad normally love the half child but tend to forget to relay this to the half child because of the over burden of constant care. The half child can become a financial burden and a physical challenge or the half child can remain a strong rock in the corner of everyone’s heart.

Grandparent as Half Child Makes Whole Family

The half child no matter what is always there to provide support and advice. The half child never knows when to quit giving advice nor will they stop giving commands. The half child can be male or female and it is possible that at times some households maintain two half children. The honesty and integrity that the half child teaches cannot be found any place else in life in most cases. The honor of the family often depends on making sure that the half child remains provided for and respected. Everyone knows the half child in the community because usually the half child lived and raised their family in the same community. We all love and appreciate the half child, which is our parent (s), grandparent (s), the family member who loved and raised us. The place in the family, being a grandparent, where some day we pray that we will be living happily as the American half child.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
10th Jun 2013 (#)

The standard American family having a father, a mother, two children and a half child in it also is standard nowadays. Old people, instead of being abandoned, looked after and taken care of in the family is a blessed situation. The great question before mankind is, will the world look after us when we are old. The American answer, if it is put into practice by all, is right. As the author pointed out, the aged half child in the family would only be eager to give timely advises as well as be anxious to enjoy more caring and love from others than little children. What they gave to their children once, they have every right to get back. And in their parental minds, they will actually be viewing the grown ups in the house as little children too. Why there is often only one half-child in a family is a thing to speculate on. Absence of divorces would have provided families with two sets of half-children. When the United States of America was taking its origin from the many scattered nations, the social system which prevailed then in the land was one in which every family was ruled by octogenarians, healthy and energetic too. This was what helped America emerge as an energetic nation. Perhaps in those ancient states, in those turbulent times, grown ups may not have lived longer, but even then they were there in each family to give advice, guide it and preside over. Wise counsel and advice was ever present in a family to guide it. Even in earlier times when the land was populated by Native Indians, grown ups were the prime objects of strength and hope in the family. If we look to the east, we can see that this social system still exists in the human societies there, helping societies retain family integrity. Writer Shirley Lopez has presented us with a very good read, ‘The American Family with Two and Half Children’. Commendable. Congratulations and best wishes.

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author avatar writershirley lopez
10th Jun 2013 (#)

Thank you for your beautiful comment I hope that many people will read because of the scenerio of having grandparents who should be kept at home with family instead of housed in nursing homes.

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