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The disadvantages and advantages of moving become clear quickly when dealing with work, a young child and everything in between.

I have had quite a journey for the past year.

An apartment finally became available near my work. I was not going to have to spend an hour in our car every day going back and forth to work.
Then in all the shuffling around, my laptop went splat on our new hard wood floors. The screen was smashed as well as the hard drive.
It was an interesting few months trying to work off an ancient desk top computer with less than a GB of memory. I could not reinstall my Adobe programs or my Microsoft Office that I was using on a daily basis because the computer would not function with them.
I considered taking my son’s laptop but that would have been a daily battle. I just could not deal with it. The laptop had to stay in the top of the closet most of the time because he was in so much trouble at school. He had more trouble adjusting to school than we thought he would. It was a tug a war for the rest of the year.
I finally get a new computer and hit another snag. It had Windows 8 and it sucked! Some of my older programs did not work with it because of so called security issues. Everything ran slower because even though it came with 4GB of RAM the operating system took up about half of it. It didn’t leave much more for me to get any work done.
The only thing that kept me from throwing the new computer out the window was the hope that when Windows 10 came out most of these issues would be corrected. That time has finally arrived. I have to say that it did correct most of the problems but I still need more memory. I can have more than one window open at a time but just barely.
If I ever get enough disposable income to afford an Adobe subscription I will have to upgrade my memory. At work we have 4GB RAM using Windows 7. We have multiple crashes in a day sometimes. because we have to have several programs open all the time.
On a positive note I am close enough to work that I can walk. Sometimes I walk just to walk. It is nice just being outside sometimes. Even though I am not much of an outside person these walks are my exercise. I didn’t realize how much that 30 minute drive back and forth was tiring me out.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
5th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. I'm glad that you are close enough to work to walk. Just think of all the money on gas you will save.

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author avatar Katharina
8th Sep 2015 (#)

I love it that we went from paying $200+ on gas to maybe $40.

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