The 1st Birthday!

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This would let you into some money saving tips on how to work around your budget for your toddlers 1st birthday. Enjoy!

Days turn into 1 year

You've been counting days, then weeks and months, finally your toddler is turning 1 soon. The question of celebrating or not celebrating pops up in your head. Not to worry, you are not alone. Ideally, most toddlers at this age are still getting used to people around them and aren't too familiar with faces apart from thier immediate family members. Moreso, at this age they are still getting used to routines and would occasionally break into short naps now and again, through out the day. They would naturally scare with an influx of too many people around on their first official celebration, so keep it really simple and avaoid the urge to spend all your savings on a birthday party that may never be remembered or even appreciated.

Planning and Executing!

The first tip is to plan. This is largely dependent on your budget; always keep your budget at heart because you don't want to break a bank to have a 1 year old party. Keep the budget very simple so that you can have a larger chunk of it to invest in something useful for your toddler e.g opening a savings account or educational fund account for him/her. Other things to follow once you've determined your budget can be:

- Day to celebrate ( The weather can largely determine the venue on this day)
- Time/Duration ( keep it really short; 2 hours maximum)
- Guests ( Members of your Family and Family with a toddler she is familiar with; neigbours kids or kids in her nursery or play group)
- Outfit ( Something special and easy for your toddler to move in)
- Venue ( a parlour party is ideal as this is a familiar terrane for your toddler)
- Decorations ( keep it simple and themed if you like; check Amazon, Ebay or your local Pound stretcher shops for simple decorations.)
- Food ( simple finger foods; Water, Fruit juices, sandwich, canapies, lots of nutritional drinks for your toddlers mates and fruits pieces too. Most adults can tuck into same finger foods too. Just keep them refreshed)
- Party bags ( I made up simple bags with favours not costing me more than £1 to £2 for each child. Check your local stores for educational and play toys that come in packs of 6, 12, etc. These help you stretch your money to have more. You can also feature healthy snacks like the once from the Ella ranges on the racks at BOOTS.CO.UK or any other shops around you. Have a memorabilia if you can; my toodler was born in february and since it's the winter months i put in small shaped snowballs in each pack. The choice is yours. Always hand over party bags at the end of the party. I name tagged each bag to make every guest special and it was also my way of saying an individual little thank you for spending the evening with my child. They all loved it.
- Cake ( A cake the shape of his/her most fondly cartoon character would do. I had "Ella the butterfly" cake from ASDA. It cost me less than £10 and served 16 guests. Beside this, i had a Princess cake for her to take to church the sunday after and lots of cupcakes with butterfly edible decorations on them)
- Picture ( You can't over emphasize this but you must remember your toddler would easily get tired so you want to get in the pictures early whilst they are still at theier best. I had lots of single pictures of her cutting her butterfly cake very early in the morning just after dressing her up for the day and immediately her 6 to 10 guests arrived.
- Fun things to do ( very simply let your toddler play with other toddlers who attend; put out some toys, play a video she enjoys and laughs to, serve refreshening snacks in between all, have them sing him/her a happy birthday song. Viola!)
- Keep sake ( As opposed to birthday cards that end up in the bin most times, you can create a birthday wish book/diary and make every guest sign in on arrival. She/He can read that later in life and appreciate the words better. )
- Gift for toddler ( Most often people think it has to be a toy. No! You can open a savings bank account for your toddler as a gift. Or buy them an insurance that pays off when they are 18 and ready to move on to be alone either by virtue of going to college or starting their first job, driving their first car, moving into thier first aprtment, etc. Well, i love to think forward because i believe the guest would come along with enough toys as gifts so i dont have to buy a toy.)

Finally, on the day of the event, get your toddler ready on time to receive guests. Have a change of nappy just before your guests start arriving. Keep to timing and display items where everyone can easily help themselves out. Remember to thank your guests even if you already made thier party bags individually special. This gives your guests a sense of worth and keeps them connected longer than you think. Dont forget the focus is on your toddler, so keep them happy and discard any thing that could make them weary.



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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jun 2015 (#)

A day to celebrate for sure, but never go overboard. Thanks for the tips to keep it within the budget - siva

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26th May 2018 (#)

You are wekcome Siva

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