That Scary Thing Destroyed Our Chair

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An overreaction or genuine fear? I'd like to find out too! This was an encounter with a scary little thing that gave a hard-learned lesson.

Fateful Encounter

My family and I were having dinner with all lights off and just a candle. Sweet! All thanks to the citywide blackout. The whole time through the meal, I was already uneasy because an unwelcome visitor might come and head straight to the candle in the middle of our table… “Eww, yuck!” That was all I could think about. But it was so hot that night, closing the kitchen door will only soak us in sweat. Then, as me and my cousin were clearing up the table, I heard the swishing of little wings. It flew towards a plate just beside our candle. My unwelcome visitor has come – the cockroach! It was reddish-brown and definitely scary! The sight of it was enough to make me panic. I ran for all I was worth to get my most efficient weapon for cockroach destruction: the broom. Already, my cousin was laughing at my reaction. I was waging war against a tiny creature. Disturbing the air with my broom, the cockroach was flying about, so intent on scaring me, it seemed. Wherever it flew, I slapped. It went over the table, on the chair, and on the floor. It was harder that night because it was dark, and I was screaming so much in all my panic. Then at last, a clear view… I swung the broom, with perfect aim, to where the cockroach landed, on the ear of our chair. Crack! Yes, I did hit it and sadly, I also managed break off the moulding that used to be part of our Narra chair.

Learning My Lesson

Oh boy, my mother did berate me after that. “How unreasonable and reckless could you be?” she said. “You damaged our chair, made marks on the table and almost broke our plates. Do you really think that such a small insect could kill you?” The part that angered my mother most was that all because of my impulsive behavior our set of Narra table and chair was damaged. Narra (also known as Burmese Oakwood) furniture is expensive and my mother waited for a long time to get a dining table set. From that day on, I was determined to control my fear and disgust for this little horrid-looking insect in order not to damage any more of our furniture. My family says this fear is so unreasonable. Apparently they think fear of heights and the ocean are more reasonable. I also feel the same way, but there is no denying what I feel when I see an adult cockroach. My hairs just stood on end and my heart wants to jump out of my chest whenever I see one flying.

What is this fear Called?

Katsaridaphobia is the fear of cockroaches. This fear originates from a negative encounter with this insect. This encounter may be from an actual experience or witnessing some other person’s distaste for this insect that inspired anxiety and fear within.
My fear may have resulted from obvious disgust. One way to treat it is through exposure. Eventually the anxiety would lessen and the brain reevaluates, making the persons with this fear realize how unreasonable and unjustified it really is.
As for me, we’ll see how this exposure technique will fare.


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