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Just reflecting on my day with my family and with the relationships I have with family members.


We had a wonderful dinner today. Not traditional turkey, but roast beef with the rest of the fixing's. It's nice when families can get together with their loved ones and spend an afternoon together.

It was a little different this year. My dad, for some reason, did not feel there was going to be enough room at the table, so the men ate in the kitchen at one table and the women ate in the dining area at another. The men talked about the military and discussed politics while the women discussed children and what our children were up to.

There were other changes as well. Dad rinsed all of the dishes and started washing them while I dried. I took over when he got to the silverware and he went and watched the Lions beat Philadelphia. Mom and I cleaned up the kitchen while we talked with my aunt, and then my sister on speaker phone. The guys spent their time watching the game and dad channel surfed during the commercials.

It is funny how things are not as traditional as they once were. Used to be that the women did all of the cooking and clean up and the men ate and watched the game. But slowly things have changed over time. I think it is because there have been divorces in some of our families and the men now are on their own... They cook for themselves and clean for themselves. In my dad's case, mom has had two major surgeries on her back and has had some fusions done. She had her first surgery in May of 2014 and another in July of 2015. He is getting a little more used to doing things around the house to help her out because there are some things that she is just not supposed to be doing.

Phoned my little brother and found that he had cooked the full traditional turkey dinner. You know mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing/dressing, cranberry sauce, complete with green bean casserole. He does all of the cooking in his family and he is a wonderful cook. He is also chief bottle washer. If it needs to be done, he is the one to do it. Which is unfortunate, I think he is often taken advantage of. But he seems to row with the flow and keeps moving on... Bless his heart.

I texted my husband to see what he was doing. He said that he just made a turkey breast so when I get home we can have our own dinner together. Then I texted my son to find out what time dinner is on Saturday. They are hosting our Thanksgiving dinner at their house because my husband is in a job where he rarely gets a holiday off. We have all learned to work around it. I am going over there Saturday morning to help my daughter-in-law make dinner. It should be a good time. I know I always love spending time with her any chance I get.

My daddy called me to wish me a happy thanksgiving. He and his wife went out to dinner at the rotary club or some place like that. I was distracted when he was talking to me so I probably did not get it right. They always go out some place because his wife does not cook. And his idea of cooking is making instant oatmeal (the kind in those little packets). I'm sure it was a nice meal. He said he ate too much so it couldn't have been too bad.

He was feeling bad about my older brother being in jail on this holiday when families are supposed to be together. All I could say to him is that things change. People change. The composition of families change. Old traditions are let go of. New traditions are made. We may not like it, but life is full of changes. We all need to accept that we are where we are for a reason. Like my little brother, we must row with the flow. And let this river of life carry us along, lest we drown rowing against the current.

Well, I've got to pack up my things. I have to be up early to go home. My dad is taking me and he gets up at O'dark thirty and doesn't like to be kept waiting... I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Thanksgiving day.


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author avatar SaigonDeManila
27th Nov 2015 (#)

Whether its traditional or not am sure I read a lot of thngs t be thank ful for between the typical American family you wrote above -that is your own.

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author avatar Changing Wind
27th Nov 2015 (#)

Yes, it was just great being with my family...

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author avatar Sandra Jason
13th Dec 2015 (#)

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