Thank you for everything, Mom!

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A mother is a daughter’s best friend. Though all mothers would have felt unwanted in their daughter’s life at one point of time, a daughter would always need her mother to love, support, guide, caution and embrace her throughout her life.

Thank you for everything, Mom!

Today – 12th May is Mother’s day and I haven’t wished my mom yet, though I have talked to her thrice since morning, grumbling about the problems I have been facing at my new hostel. Post lunch, I hear my roommate wishing her mom a Happy Mother’s day. Feeling slightly uncomfortable at the thought of forgetting the importance of the day, I sit in front of my laptop and log in to Facebook. I become more embarrassed at the sight of the vast number of sentimental messages posted by friends wishing their own mothers. I lie down and start thinking as to how I can make my mom feel special on this day.

‘Pinkiiii, don’t forget to take your lunch box’, my mom shouts from the kitchen as I take my bicycle and drive away shouting back, ‘I do not want to eat those boring idlis. I will have something better at the canteen’.

Sitting in the balcony of our house, mom kept watching at the busy roads trying to locate me and my bicycle. She smiles and waves at me as soon as she sees me. As I reach my house, she comes running downstairs and takes my heavy school bag and carries it to my room.

‘Tell me what they taught at your school today’, she keenly asks serving the snacks she had prepared. As I munch on the snacks, I say, ‘Come on mummy, its nothing that you will understand. If there is anything which I need to tell you, I would tell you. Now, I need to complete my homework’. And I walk towards my room and shut the door on her face.

Someone puts a hand on my shoulder and I suddenly wake up from the dream only to see my roommate holding a plate. I look at my watch and see that it’s already 7 PM. ‘It’s time for dinner. Get your plate. We will be waiting for you downstairs’, my roommate leaves. I get up, wash my face, go downstairs and stand in the queue for dinner. As the burnt rotis were being served, I remember the soft, white, fluffy idlis that my mom made and a tear falls from my left eye.

As I ate, I remembered how my mother never complained about me in spite of me treating her badly at numerous instances. Every sunrise used to be a new beginning for her and she continued doing all the chores from waking me up, preparing breakfast, packing lunch, getting my pocket money from Dad, arranging my books, packing my school bag, ironing my clothes and many more motherly duties with utmost love and affection. I recall those old days when I was a teenage student and how my mom was behind me throughout the day trying to impress me and become friends with me.

Although I am a grown up adult now and am away in a far off town managing my job, whenever I face a problem, I still call and annoy my mom. She patiently listens to me and gives suggestions as to how to handle them without thinking twice about how I behaved with her in the past.

I pick up my phone and call mom.

‘Hello Mom’. I say.
‘Hello, how are you now? Are the problems at the hostel resolved now?’ my mom asks.
‘Yes, I actually wanted to tell you something else’.
‘Go on’.
My throat dries up and my voice starts wobbling.
‘Mom’, I couldn't say anything more.
‘What happened? Are you OK there? Is there any problem?’ mom becomes nervous.
‘I am sorry for everything mom’.
‘What?’ mom asks in a puzzled tone.
‘I am sorry for whatever I had done to you in the past. I am sorry for not giving the respect you always deserved’.
‘No Pinki. That was not something which was done by you. It was something controlled by your age. And I forgot that long ago.’
‘So, you do not have any problem with me now’.
‘No girl. You are my daughter. How can I have a problem with you anytime?’
‘Thank you so much for whatever you have done for me. Thank you for everything, Mom!’.

The silence at the other end made me understand how contented and pleased my mom felt after hearing those words from me.

‘Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. And I love you today and always’. I continued.
‘Thank you my dear. This has been the best day ever in my life’.

Tears of happiness fell from my eyes and I realized that this is the best gift I could have ever given to my mom.


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author avatar Techie with a heart
12th May 2013 (#)

Thank you Mark for moderating this page.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th May 2013 (#)

My mother passed away several years ago, I do miss her of course.
Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th May 2013 (#)

I can connect with your feelings. Every day is special for a mother. Her child is always her child whatever be the age! It is tough to reciprocate a mother's love towards her children; it is something special that only a mother can feel and express. I also see times when mothers take a back seat when in steps the daughter-in-law! - siva

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