Thank You Quotes for Birthday Wishes

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Just stop here and post these thank you quotes after birthday wishes on Facebook. I know it’s very difficult to say every person thanks for the birthday wishes in personal so the best way is to post a general thank you notes on your Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook status.

Birthday Thank You Notes

It’s time to shout out on the Facebook in response of all birthday wishes you received from your family, friends, colleagues, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Birthday thank you messages!

1. Thank you to all of you for the birthday wishes! I had a great day with my cute little family. I am still stuffy from the wonderful wings and much more that they made for dinner.

2. Yesterday was my birthday, and here on Facebook, and in email and via other sites I am associated with, I am getting bombarded with good wishes, including some very tempting offers...I'm trying to be a good boy, I really am.

3. Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! Even though I am getting older it still makes me feel special to see all the love you are sending my way, thanks for making my day special!

4. Thank you everyone who wished me well birthday wishes just to let you know I will be on the water fishing enjoying this gloomy day.

5. To every one of my friends and family who participated or came to my birthday party I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was the most awesome thing and I will never forget it.

6. A little side note to my status earlier; Thank you to all my friends who posted Happy Birthday & other good stuff on my timeline!

7. Wow, day 3 of being 54 and I am blown away by all the fantastic greetings, messages, and thoughtful comments I received to help me celebrate my birth. If I tried to respond to all of you one by one it would be close to next year before I could finish. I just want everyone to know how good you all made me feel. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. With that being said there are a few of you I will need to contact individually and give an extra special thank you.

8. I want to take this time and thank each one of you for my birthday wish. I had a wonderful weekend. I thank God for blessing me to see another year and for my girls. My family and friends I love you all.

9. Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes! I was enjoying my birthday on our beautiful island of Aruba. Just got back, I will post pictures later. Love to you all!

10. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes. I had a fantastic day. Thank you all so very much. Love each and everyone of you that took time out of your busy day to give me wishes and I am eternally grateful. More grateful for the beautiful people I got to spend my day with it was amazing.

11. Thank you all for the good birthday wishes. Celebrated by cooking dinner for some friends making an apricot loin roast, tomato, watermelon, cucumber, avocado salad, chapatti bread, and lemon curd and seasonal fruits for dessert capped off by a Limon cello. How does it get any better than that?

12. I just want to thank all of you for such sweet birthday wishes! I was completely overwhelmed and grateful. I can't tell you how much. I will miss you all! I wish I could put you in my pocket and take you with me! But since I can't, I thank God for you and May He bless you and keep you, The God may shine upon you and be gracious to you.

13. Thanks a ton to all my birthday well wishers. It was one of the best gifts I received. The older you get, the birthdays remind you that you are getting old and all the comments I received cheered me right up. I am blessed. Thank you and I hope all your days are as great as my last birthday!

14. I am feeling overwhelmed by well wishes in celebration on today the 16th of August. There is no way I can respond to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday today. To all my children it is a good thing you all remembered. Otherwise you would be in deep down! When so many friends have reached out in care my only regret is not being better at acknowledging others birthdays. Thank you all and may you all be blessed.

15. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. I am so blessed to have the support and love from you all. It was a lazy, relaxing day and that is all I could ask for. Back to reality just a year older!

16. Shit, I just want to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Y'all are superb awesome! More appreciated than you know.

17. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! It’s a great knowing that I have so many friends and family that care about me. And a extra special thanks to my amazing girlfriend for making my birthday a day to remember.

18. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it! A huge thank you goes out to my gorgeous beautiful amazing girlfriend! She made this birthday the best ever! She is without a doubt the best thing to ever happen to me!

19. Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and made my birthday a good one. Hanging out with friends, eating dragon cake, and getting great gifts, especially a Hero 3 Black from my girlfriend, was amazing. Thank you everyone!


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17th Nov 2013 (#)

It was indeed Wonderful.Thank you.

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25th Aug 2016 (#)

Old is gold

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Old is Gold

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