Ten things you should know about your future spouse before marriage

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this is a checklist not on the food,flowers or venue for the wedding but for your partner, this could be a wedding saver.

Marriage checklist

Marriage is a social union or legal contract between individuals. A lot of people go into marriage for a whole lot of reasons, while this is not to give you a reason to finally marry that man or lady you have been dating for so long, this is like a check list for marriage. The ultimate question before marriage is how much of your intended spouse do you know? One of the major reasons cited during divorces is unresolved differences, most times you hear people saying I never knew I was married to a lazy man, a callous woman or the like.
Relationships can be based on several reasons, but marriage which is somewhat binding should not be done without full knowledge of the intricacies of the institution and these are ten things based on votes that people think you should know about your spouse before marriage apart from the fact that he is a handsome man, and speaks three languages or she was the head of the cheerleading team in her school.
1) His/ her dreams, ambition and life goals. As simple as this seems a lot of people cannot say at the altar of marriage, what the ambition and goals of their spouse are. Does he want to keep working in that business firm, does he dream of getting a promotion and owing the firm? Does she think of venturing to business or leaving her job in the financial institution to start nursery school?
This is actually the driving force of an individual, the reason they wake up every day and most times career changes, location changes and the like don’t receive as much spousal support as the other needs and then it puts a strain on the relationship because the other never saw this coming .
2) His /Her family and lineage: it is also very important to have a full knowledge of the family you are marrying into or marrying from, their medical history, tradition or myth. This is really very important to the health of the marriage as new discoveries might end the marriage.
3) His or Her take on marriage: individual’s take on marriage is also very important, a man for example might have a different perceptive to having an on –off affair with a third party for the fulfilment of an immediate need while that may not go down well with the spouse. What kind of sacrifices can they make for the ones they are married to? It is important for a couple to have similar take on marriage or it might be over in a jiffy.
4) His or Her take on children and relatives: the number of children and the timing is something prospective couples have to sit down and trash out before they proceed. The timing is very important for working women. The place of relatives in the marriage also has to be decided. Most women with troubled marriages had blamed a relative for playing prominent roles in their marriage.
5) Blood group/Genotype: it is medically very important to know the blood group of your spouse to know if you are actually medically compatible.
6) Habits and personality: Spending, drinking e.t.c habits should be known before marriage as this might be something new that might make them break the marriage.
7) His or Her exs and children: Most times people go into marriage blinded to the fact that their spouse has an ex and there must have been a reason the marriage didn’t work out. You know what goes around comes around. Most times your spouse may have gotten out of the marriage by cheating on their ex with you, and if he or she cheated on an ex , with time the story might play itself again . More so you might find out that the same reason for which he’s or her’s left, holds for you. The children from a former relationship must also be known and their views in some cases might be sought.
8) His or her flaws: it is important to know the major flaws of your spouse as most people don’t really change, so you have to live with it.
9) His/her priorities and obsession: Everybody has a few obsessions and priorities, and it is very important to know what your spouse is obsessed about and if you can live with that. Most people always try to overcome the obsession of their spouse and this has led to a lot of marital issues.
10) His or Her financial standing: Before you proceed to getting married to anybody, you should know what your spouse is truly worth and not any vague figure , it is important to know of any savings that your intended spouse has . Financial crisis is the major cause of marital problems and this is because most people don’t know the financial ability of their intended spouse and the amount to be used for the wedding. This has to be placed on a budget and expenses to be incurred have to also be known.
If you are getting married and are still in the dark about any of these things, you should make sure that it is well clarified or else you might be in for a shocker in your marriage and before you know it, your precious marriage may be over.


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author avatar Tom
8th Oct 2010 (#)

The blood type compatibility item above is complete nonsense. What the hell does "medically compatible" mean without the context of a relationship? Are you forming an emotional bond or receiving a kidney transplant? This glaring incongruity obliterates any trust in the rest of the items on the list.

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author avatar June
22nd Feb 2011 (#)

Just maybe it has to do with having children. Some blood types can causse problems.

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