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Evolution of teens. What year were you born? How were your teenage years? Check this out!

Teens yesterday..

Teens at 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. I can say, "I wish I was born in the '80s and witness their groovy attire and music. My mother, she was a 70s kid. She always tell me that when they were still teens, night dancing was very much different like the "night dancing/clubbing" teens do today. At her teen age, teens would wear flower-patterned dresses, bell bottoms, high cut boots, and more! Who wouldn't forget the 80's hairstyle?

Teens Today!

People, folks, and countrymen. I would just like to clear that I am not generalizing teens, I stated these things out of observation and photos were grabbed from google which is free to copy.

Teens today, like friends I know already have kids. I ask them "Why?" A friend of mine answered that "Because I was just in love." BOOM! That's the answer. Now, people look down on teens who fell in love at the wrong age. What if it's really love? What if the only resource of love they have is from other people? We can't really judge people by just looking at them. What If there is something more understand than just look and tell things that isn't true.

Teens today, most likely, go out every night and go to a club. That is how they spend their evenings. Dancing, drinking, yelling, partying like there's no tomorrow, and getting wasted.

Yolo-ing also known as "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE" is one of the adage teens today follow. They believe that they should enjoy today as much as they can because they only have one life.

Some teens, smoke, and get into fights. Disrespect their parents and more.
To sum it up, the teens we have today are pain in the ass.
They only think of "today" without knowing what lies ahead.

Now you ask why?
The main reason why teens today is what they are, because of change. Change is constant in every aspect of life. As a teen, I encounter lots of problems like money, education, my work, people around me, and my family. That is why.
Simple yet complex. Try putting your shoes in our shoes.

How We Misunderstand Them

Just because they get pregnant at an early age, doesn't mean they won't learn their lesson.
Just because they smoke, get into fights, and disrespect their parents mean that they are really person.

They are just teens. They grow each day but that doesn't mean they will be judged because of the wrong things they have done.
As human beings, we are equal. We sin, we lie, we cheat, we have lots of mistakes. So are they.

We can't change them just because "our" time was different. We just have to accept that time is passing by and "our" time has passed. They are like that because, they belong to a different generation. So, before pointing out your fingers. MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN! :)


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author avatar Erly
15th Sep 2014 (#)

Very superb article ITGirl..Cheers..

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author avatar ITgirl1011
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Thankyou Mam.... :)

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author avatar Erly
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Teen are the problem this time ...

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