Teenagers texting while driving – Solution to avoid Accidents

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This has become big concern for parents because teens get distracted while driving in messaging their friends. Cell phone has impact on many teenagers, which is a setup for accidents. What can parents do about this problem?

Risk factors

There are certain risk factors that parents must take care. You must first understand how dangerous it is if teenagers are found texting while driving. The age group of 16-19 have more risk or easily prone to accidents than any other group. Due to inexperience and ignorance of the danger, teenagers behave this way.

Estimations show that every year, 400,000 are injured and 5000 teens die in car wrecks. Talking over the phone is equal to drinking while driving. Cell phone narrows an individual’s attention. Adults should not use cell phone in front of their kids. This is even more dangerous for teens who will be learning from their elders who have been driving for years.

Reasons Inducing Danger Using Cell Phones

There are many reasons why you must not use cell phones while driving.
• First, our brains will get busy thinking about the conversation on the phone
• Secondly, you narrow your focus
• Your peripheral vision will also be compromised because you cannot see toddlers on the street


Here is a program that disables texting and cell phone use while you are driving. Parents are registering for this program to protect their children from danger. The technology is usage of GPS, which can determine where we are and when to disable the phone. This is also helpful for those who cannot control themselves and get tempted to text or call while driving.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
5th Aug 2010 (#)

Very interesting Shwetha. Who publishes that program? I would like to learn more about it.

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author avatar Euphonos
5th Aug 2010 (#)

Ok, I will send you the link, Jerry

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author avatar Euphonos
5th Aug 2010 (#)

Here is the link, Jerry. This can help you. My friend is already making use of this.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
5th Aug 2010 (#)

Thanks Shwetha.

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author avatar LOVERME
7th Aug 2010 (#)

texting is okay
i have seen teenagers sexing while on the move
u did it too
well if not
u missed it

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